Trailer hitch keep it or get rid of?

What would you do with the hitches removed from a Park Owned Home? Hide them under the trailer or just get rid of them? What are the benefits of keeping or getting rid of them?

You could maybe sell them off to some of those guys who scraps metals or random parts for a small amount of money. There’s no real benefit of keeping them to the park operator, so hiding them under the home is just fine. There’s a benefit to making sure they aren’t visible on the homes though: lenders don’t like them and having them on lowers your appraised value.


This is an easy one … get rid of them.
Appearance - better.
Likelihood of tenants leaving - less/better.
Appraisal/lender/buyer - better.

Cut them off and store them under the home. We require this in all our communities and even do it for free.


Put them under the house. You never know when you might need them. They are worth about $0.50 at the scrap yard. If you need one (say a house burns) it will cost you a lot of money to have one built.


This is a no-brainer for me to answer. Years ago we made everyone cut off the tongues and we cut them off all the park owned homes. We put them underneath each home inside the skirting so no one ever sees them. It looks so much nicer.

But, we are always replacing older homes with newer homes. And every time we do it, we have to weld the tongue back on the old homes so it can be sold or given away. If we have the tongue, which we almost always do, it is a very small deal to get someone to come weld it on. But if we do not have the tongue, it is a really big deal to get someone to make one the right dimensions and fit and length and strength. I’m so glad we didn’t throw them away and we put them under the homes when we cut them off. So:

  1. Cut them off! Looks WAY better.
  2. Keep them. Store them under home.
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Out of curiosity @REA since you seem very knowledgeable on this specific point: What was the most (economically) efficient way of cutting them off? How much was it to weld it back on?

Cut off with Sawzall. Fast and easy. Remember metal cutting blade and safety glasses.

$300 to weld on in SoCal. Could probably find someone for $100-150.

I use to think that no hitch means it wont get moved out. But the older homes aren’t worth the expense [$6000] nor in well enough condition to move anyway nowadays. So it was one less thing to worry about. Most of my clunkers get torn down and scrapped onsite not pulled out. Very few movers around anymore.