Test ads in Winter

It’s early February, could this be a factor to consider if a test add isn’t generating the volume I would like?

I feel like they have extra $ for deposit and moving because it’s tax return season. 

That’s a good point. Mostly I’m just hopeful that there is demand for this park since it seems to have some good potential for a first time buyer. Darn newbies. Lol

While we do not do test ads, I can tell you about our real ads selling or renting homes. We see a shift around certain seasons and also around holidays. So people have tax money right now, so you need to be very careful they have monthly disposable income once the refund is gone. Our call volume is up right now, it will dip back down mid march. It will pick back up through the summer and dip around september. The dip remains until November when things slow down more. They pick back up mid January… and the cycle continues… We track calls in Texas, Colorado, Nebraska and Indiana… We track rental and sales ads- as we do both. We are always ‘testing’ new verbiage. Kinda like with kids… if they are not responding the way you think they should, change the verbiage a bit and see if results change. We use things like- ‘open house’ which is a huge draw for people that do not want to make an appointment or are last minute lookers. If your running an ad on a property you do not own, well you can not do that… also- here is how we track our ads-we have a regular mobile home email account- call it mhp @ gmail dot comwe have a ‘sales’ account- mhpsales @ gmail dot comcraigslist is hooked into the sales accountthe regular mhp account pulls from the sales account. So it sends and receives emails. The manager does not have access to the sale account except through the POP send and receive. I have each of the sales accounts up and running, in tabs on my computer. So I can see live time what people respond too… the calls all come into a google voice number- so we see every inbound call… if you set up your systems right- tracking is a snap…  

Thanks for the advice. I ran a rent to own add and had a couple hits but then learned about the SAFE ACT. changed it promptly. Lol. So far only 3-4 hits in 2 days. When I talked to a local management company, who may be biased, they thought there was a steady market there.

How big is the metro population, and what are the costs of the median SF and 2 BR apartments? Tell me about the market.Show me the exact wording you used in the ad.

I also ran a REHABBER add and had a guy that sounds reliable, interested in trading work for empty units. I told him I would want a lease for at least 5 years so he would be less likely to move them. Sounds like a good way to unload a few less desirable units and get them producing lot rent.


Median over 100k although a few cheap ones lingering. Quite a few parks per capita but don’t think they have been kept up well. Rents for two bedroom are safely in the 450-600 for low to average rentals

Approx 30k area with 700k 30 mins away

What does BestPlaces.net say the metro population is when you put in the zipcode?What was you exact ad wording?

RENT OR SALE 2-3 bedroom

I’ll check that website out

No offense, but that’s a lousy test ad. You need to do the test again. Try this language:NAME OF TOWN IN ALL CAPS. 2 and 3 bedroom mobile homes for sale or rent from $____ per month – includes lot rent. (XXX) XXX- XXXX.Nobody would even know what your ad is for.

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So just the name of the city in the title box? Sounds much better

Yes, under the heading “mobile homes for rent” if the paper has a “for rent” and “for sale” category for mobile homes. If not, then under “mobile homes”. If they don’t even have a “mobile homes” section, then under “for rent” in the basic real estate section.The all caps portion should be used to tightly target exactly where the park is, such as the school district or neighborhood. You are trying to be as specific as you can so that you are not getting calls for other areas of town who are simply calling to find out where you are located at.

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Ok I was only using one spot on craigslist.

Thanks for the corrections.

Wait a minute – are you only using Craiglist? That’s not a good idea. You also need to run an ad in the largest metro newspaper. Craigslist only will reach internet folks.

Yes I was just using craigslist. I wasn’t sure if people are still using papers like they used to.

The average person still turns to the printed newspaper when making major life decisions like housing. While the younger demographic will turn to Craigslist, a huge number of tenants still use the old fashioned classified ads to find their dwelling. Newspapers pull far more than Craigslist ads do, in our experience. 

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