The secret of successful craigslist ad

I used three craigslist account and posted 7 ads in total (I have 9 vacant units in my park). However, after 3 weeks of renewing of the ads, I got no more than 6 phone calls/emails. At the same time, another owner whose park is close to mine get 8 calls a day.

There are a few things to my disadvantage:

  1. I also post ads for single families, apartments in another city through these accounts.
  2. I am not local.

I asked my wife to post ads from her craigslist account and we are getting 6 calls yesterday. My ads look much better than hers.

Looks like where you live vs where your advertised does not matter because my wife’s ads work.

I still want to figure out what I can do to make my ads work. Any suggestion? I am not thrilled about craigslist but unfortunately it is the main vehicle for park people to find their mobile home.

Thank you!

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I could be wrong, but if renewing doesn’t send you to the “new” area then it’s not going to help. It just preserves your ad for searches? But your ads probably don’t come up on the first page of the searches either? I am just guessing but I’m curious – I believe CL tries to figure out if you are “gaming the system” and only posts legitimately new ads for things that are newly on the market with highest priority.

These ads don’t need to be sexy, only simple. Less is more. Two lines, one pic. Phone number - we use the burner app for a local number. If I saw a gold plated ad for a $500 rent mobile home it would seem like a scam since they don’t jive.

Check out this thread - Frank commented on some basic simple language. We have used it, with minor tweaks, to get a lot of calls: Test ads in Winter

I am still working on better ways to get higher quality calls, but for now volume is the best answer.

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Does your ad have good photos in it?

I notice when I use CraigsList I look at all the ads with photos before looking at the ones with none, and often I don’t look at them at all. Also if the photo is clean and crisp, I feel better about what is being sold vs a crappy cell phone photo taken with fingerprint smudges all over the lens.