Replacement Exterior Doors for Manufactured Homes

Does anyone have a source recommended for replacement MH exterior doors? We can find ones complete with frames, but only want to upgrade the door portion itself without replacing the frame. There’s nothing that says “trailer” like a “Shotgun Slot” door on the front.

Alternatively, has anyone advice on modifying factory delivered doors?

Thanks for your recommendations.

Thanks for your response Julie.

I had a store that sold mobile home parts for a while. I have never seen any supplier that had just the exterior door without a frame. Also the sizes and hinges are different and to my knowledge… you cannot buy the hinges alone. The only other option is to completely reframe the opening and install a stick-built frame and door, which never looks the same.

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did you figure out where to get the exterior door?

I bought one of these for a home I was working on a few years back. It was pricey but worked out fine.

We just buy the standard pre-hung exterior doors from Home Depot. $250 or so. Sit them flush with the exterior and add a little trim to the interior to hide the extra width and away you go.

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I personally never buy “mobile home” material. If you do not want to replace the frame buy a good quality wood exterior door and cut it to fit.
I buy used doors from window/door retailers/installers for $20 and cut them to fit or reframe. I normally buy metal doors and make them fit. It’s not difficult to reframe.