Park sign design

I’m about to order a sign from FastSigns (the company F&D uses).

I also plan to have a basic website for the park.

Should I include the park’s website and email address on the park sign?


Include the website, not the email on your sign. The email is probably already on your website. All you need on the sign is:

  1. park name
  2. phone, and
  3. website

We don’t put the street address on our signs because it takes up space and we figure anybody who is standing infront of the sign already knows the address.

Take a look at our typical signage on our homepage at:

Good luck!


P.S. We use for all our websites.

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that is awesome! thanks Jefferson!

That’s a nice clean sign and a nice clean website. I like that you don’t put the words “Mobile Home Park” on you sign as if no one knows what the heck that thing in front of them is.

I am thinking of when I get new signs having them be something like this:


A Community of Owners

Get on the path to ownership:

Of course it will not be as clean as yours but “A Community of Owners” is a statement of pride that places the park’s residents above all the apartment renters driving by, instead of the typical “Mobile Home Park” statement which might as well say “Home To So Many Losers”.

Add your URL to the sign and you’ll rock n roll.


Man those homes are cheap Jefferson. 395 incl lot rent? Is that typical for that area? What is the lot rent there?

Coach -

What you are seeing at that property are the ‘leftover’ homes. The nicer homes got bought long ago and are not listed on the website.

The Tuttle area is fairly healthy economically. Lot rents were $195 when I took over Tuttle Estates, and that included water, which averaged $80/pad (e.g. net rents were around $115). I installed water meters, so tenants are now encouraged to conserve, and they pay their water bill separately from the lot rent, which is now $250 (water usage averages an additional $50/month).

If I can’t move those homes as ‘fixer uppers’ at $395 - $495, I’ll scrap them out and bring in newer/nicer homes (perhaps in conjunction with 21st Mortgage’s CASH program).

This is the ‘park that time forgot’ - the economy has largely moved above/beyond the mobile homes that are in the park now. That presents nice upside, but does require me to get into the home business a bit *perhaps 3 - 5 homes for this park).

I purchased this park for $0 down - 100% bank financing…(!) So who was I to say ‘no’ to a deal like that, even if it came with a few rough homes? :blush:


One of the things I have always found interesting about park signs is that the park owners always seem to feel the need to identify or label the park in some way.
City, town or subdivision signs do not have a need to do this. My sign has the name of the community and in small letters - adult only community. I would never have Mobile Home, Manufactured Home or trailer park on the sign anymore than the subdivision I live in would have Single family, two story or brick homes on the sign. No need to tell anyone it is anything different than any other community. Although “adult only” is a necessity.

Residents prefer this is it does not attach any specific label to them as residents.

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Greg, I like this idea. I sent you a PM.


Do you have the dimensions for your Tuttle Estates sign? It appears smaller than the signs that Franks gal at Fast Signs in KS quoted me recently.

Ernest -

My Tuttle sign is 40"x63". It is indeed a FastSigns sign, although we used the local FastSigns franchise in Oklahoma City, rather than Frank’s gal in Kansas.

I believe I directed my local FastSigns franchisee to Frank’s video on YouTube about signage, and said ‘I want that.’ So I thought I had gotten the same/largest size FastSigns offers. That said, some cities may have size or setback rules. It is possible FastSigns called my town and inquired and got some guidance to go with something slightly smaller than the largest they could have made.

But consider also proximity to the street, and not just size alone. My sign at Tuttle is close to the road - like maybe only 25’ from the edge of the pavement. One of our other properties is in a city where the sign must be 50’ back from the pavement and must be a bit smaller than what we used at Tuttle. Anyway, the Tuttle sign is plenty big given its proximity to the road.

Again, your sign should highlight 1) name, 2) phone, and 3) website, in that order. No need for street address or words like ‘trailer court’ or ‘mobile home park.’

Hope this helps,


Thanks Jefferson, that helps a lot. My park is small and the entrance is close to the road like your Tuttle Estates sign so I’m going to opt for a smaller sign. Also I’m in city limits off the beaten path so a big sign won’t offer me much benefit. I’d rather put the saved money into some low maintenance landscaping.