Entrance Sign advice

So the park I’m working on has no sign out front, most people outside of the park don’t even know what the name of the community is.

I’ve never ordered a sign before and have no idea what I’m doing, does anyone have a suggestion on a type or style?

I was planning on just getting a 4’x8’ sign on two vinyl posts installed near the front of the park. Any pointers? Anyone done anything more elaborate before?

It’s an older park, so going overboard probably doesn’t make sense, but I do want it to look nice since I’m slowly cleaning up the park…

Hi Noel_S,

You can checkout our sign at this link: http://www.englewoodmhp.com/

The sign is the 2nd selection on the main page. Very much the same as what Frank recommends from Fast Signs. The signs typically take a week or so to proof read and another week to order them.

In retrospect, I would remove the 2nd and 3rd lines.


What type of street is the community on? 2 lane, 4 lane, divided?

How much traffic is on that street? Actual count is available from state agency.Sometimes they have it by the hour and day of week.

What if any zoning restrictions are there?



Check out this post on the subject. It also has a lot of good tips and @Jefferson Lilly gives a link to a photo of one of his signs.

-Best, Bruce

Buy a 4’x8’ aluminum sign with vinyl letters from FastSigns in Overland Park, Kansas (that’s who builds ours). We use white letters on a green background. You can use our standard design if you like. We set it on two 4"x4" posts sleeved in white vinyl with white vinyl caps. If you have the frontage, run a length of 3-rail white vinyl fence down the frontage behind the sign, and then run a series of hardy, native shrubs or trees behind the white vinyl fence (crepe myrtle, for example). You will end up with a great looking entry that is hard to vandalize and easy to repair. You can use the same design (white vinyl post with aluminum sign) throughout the park for speed limit, stop signs, etc. It will look like a 5-star park on a 1-star budget.

Anyway you can share typical invoice amount on the 4x8 Fastsigns sign and additional materials? Thanks!