Ohio mhp for sale 50 space

50 spaces occupied at an average lot rent of $450 per month.
City water and sewer, great location with a large population.
email for details.

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What is your email address?

Please send details


Please send more information. Thanks!

Sent you a PM with my email. Thanks.

send me your email and ill forward info

We own in Ohio/WV/KY, please send: milesnoland859@gmail.com




Just a thought: if numerous people are chasing the same item–what happens to the price? The numbers being offered (on one park we own are 3 times what we payed 2 years ago) and of course people who own quality parks are not selling, Presently we are buying our second DG store with a 6 cap since we are unable to purchase another park near that value (if you have one we can do DD in 3 days and have a cash sale–have yet to have someone call with a quality 6 cap park). Lot of problem parks showing up that normally would need a 10 cap or higher to sell. This is strictly a seller’s market–if just trying to enter at this time–learn to skate on very THIN ICE!


Yes we’re all seeing the low-end Parks being listed for triple the value. Brokers are flooding owners with their marketing brochures and cold calling. Seems we’re seeing prices that are unprecedented, maybe for decades to come. When will it recede is the question?

Please send info to ctchousing@gmail.com

That was answered during the last downturn. When you least expect it.


@carl what types of parks / issues are you seeing that still deserve a 10 cap in your opinion?

Please also send info to dkperisian@gmail.com. Thank you.


Please send details. cmtrepp@yahoo.com

please send details - j.gelzer@equitymc.com

Thank you for sending me details. royajavid@gmail.com