Ohio mhp for sale 50 space

I would like the info on this park please.


Could you please send me more information on this park. bigsnook223@hotmail.com

Please send information to drchrystal1@gmail.com.
We have mulit properties in Ohio.

It looks like you have alot of interest in the mobile home park. Can you send me additional iformation please.

I would love information on the park you have. Thank you!

Hello, I emailed you earlier and I have recieved information.
Can you please send financials and pictures to drchrystal1@gmail.com
thank you


Can you send over the details?


open the door for the individual investor williamedwardsnync@gmail.com

You are right. No good parks out there.
They are all way to expensive.


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Please send me what you have in the Toledo Ohio or outlying areas. Thanks Sue Green

Please send info. fwpg6605@yahoo.com

Could you please send info to wolfcatproperties@gmail.com.

Thank you

This is what happens when “stupid money” enters the market and loses sight of the fundamentals. This has been happening in virtually every asset class already. On the other hand; low interest rates obviously allows for lower cap rates.

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