Off market park for sale In MISSOURI: (not sold yet) 83 spaces- 66 Park owned homes/15 tenant owned Homes: Suggested Price (make your own offer )2.7M

Price is 2.7M:

83 Spaces- 66 POHS, 15 TOHS

39 Occupied homes, 27 vacant homes needing reno., 2 vacant lots

Overview Of Income and Expenses: (have more detailed expenses and park fix up (reno. and bringing in more needed homes etc.-email for more info.)

Current Numbers:

Gross income $298, 080
Expenses: $148,176
Net Income: $149,904

Estimated Numbers after Plan Completion:

estimated capital needed to complete project $405,000

Projected gross:$523,020
Projected Expenses: $182,376
Projected NOI: $340,644

Cap Rate: 10.9%

$2,700,000 (price)+405,000 (capital) = $3,105,000 (not including 30k finders fee to me, may be a consultant fee(not for me), ill find out for sure about if consultant fee way before an LOI)

$340,644 divided by $3,105,000=10.9% (not including my fee of 30K, WILLING TO PARTNER TOO Instead of FEE OR PARTNER W EXPERIENCED OPERATOR and MUCH SMALLER FEE (negotiable))

Any other info. you need, please reach. its my job to get you what you need. I take pleasure in helping other mhp investors. (9 more parks to come, all need homes filled, 35-60% occupied parks mostly. many more coming!

If this is not for you, I get it. Trying to do a seller w 12 parks a favor.(most are high risk filling lots of lots) I am in process of finding other parks for investors too, once i have your criteria. Be my pleasure! I also own a park hopefully 2nd soon in New England.

Thanks for your time in viewing the info.


Dan Greenberger
DLG Properties, LLC