Off Market Mobile Home Park in AZ looking for investors

Looking for investors. We have a 102 space park in Arizona, currently in escrow. Close of escrow is 1/9/2024. 10% cap on purchase 58% occupied and rents are below market. Seller financed at 6% interest only amortized over 30 years.

Investors will receive 10% preferred return and 50/50 equity/revenue split. Accredited Investors only. 506c.

If interested email me at or call at 480-674-2035.

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Hey Walter,

Im not accredited yet. but in a years time should be. My finance biz is taking off. nice to meet you and please keep me in mind for future deals. I have 12 deals coming that are 0ff market from a seller. 1 in cali, other 11 in pa, 2 in ky, 2 in ga., 1 ne, 1 in ill., 1 in mo., 1 ms, 1 in tn. all need lots filled, but good upside if u dont mind bringing in homes. solid to very good cap rates and coc. Im also looking to put $ into a deal soon, because we buy in the northeast, where theres limited parks .

wish u luck in this deal. great roi to investors!



Dan Greenberger
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