I need the dates for the next MOM event in Georgia. I need to try to make it this time.



a date yet. I like to coordinate with several other folks that put on seminars, bootcamps, and events so I don’t conflict with other events.

We are going to do some kinda new things at this MOM. We are going to tour John and Daphne’s Park, but i want to try and peek at David Protiva’s operation also…the parks are 40 miles apart or so, so I am kicking around the idea of providing a bus similiar to the dynamic Scott and Tony provide at their Bootcamp. It was wonderful to keep the group together, safely tour different properties, and have time to meet and talk with new friends.

I estimate 100+ folks (Yay!) and the logistics and expense are both things I need to look at.

I am also thinking of adding another aspect to this meeting that is kinda new and risky. I try to keep the MOM meets…well"religion neutral" for many reasons…the main one to NOT alienate any investor. I have friends that are Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist. I’m Baptist and get asked a lot things like, “What do you owe your success to mainly?”, or “What deal gave you the most satisfaction?” and it is almost impossible to answer these questions honestly without bringing in my Faith and God.

my question to folks on this board is, “Is there a respectful, considerate way to bring in some speakers with success stories that have a Spiritual reward versus a financial reward without hurting or making uncomfortable a single attendee?” Any feedback is mucho appreciated. One thought from a friend on this site is have a clearly segmented portion just for this forum. folks not interested could skip that segment? Good idea, bad idea, call me this is YOUR meeting!

If you want to email me at home:


or cell:




Greg I personally like the idea and more than understand the concerns such an idea can present. This community in no way follows one faith, one path or one plan but we do all encourage each other.

No one who comes to sites like this one would want to offend anothers belief’s by any means, especially if even a perceived slight might prevent someone from becoming successful through the help and guidance of those who come here and attend these events.

I don’t think there would be any way other than to make such a meeting invitational and optional.

For what its worth, I want in.

I have never felt better or done better than when I am closest to having mind, body and spirit in line. Life, business and personal interests constantly pull me out of alignment.

We all get so much motivation for business at these events, I would welcome the opportunity to combine such an experience with a fellowship type meeting that provided examples of how business and faith can work closely together. Heck, if we get a run in it would by a trifecta!

I know it may be pushing the envelope Greg and my hat is off to you for considering it and for doing it so respectfully.



Never being one to beat about the bush, I have to tell you that I would find the idea of listening to someone giving credit for their success to a higher authority rather offensive. I would love to hear how success has benefited themselves, their family, the community (both the park and the surrounding municipality), etc. These stories are inspirational especially when aspects other than financial are expressed. The religious aspect really turns me off and I by saying this in no way mean to disparage yours or anyone else’s beliefs. There is a time and a place for such sentiments and I think it is aside from the general meetings.

Thanks for bringing this up and looking for a way to incorporate this aspect of life in a way that is sensitive to all of us. If you can pull this off, you really are the MAN:-)


Greg, Be a bold witness for Jesus Christ. If you are a saved person, you have been commanded to go and tell others how they can be saved, Use your influence that you have within this community. Others will object - count on it -but this may be their last chance to receive the free gift of eternal life and avoid spending eternity in Hell.

If you ask someone to give their story in successful investing, and their story includes their faith in Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal salvation, others can accept it or reject it for themselves, but to avoid putting that person on the stage for fear of offending someone else is clearly wrong, and clearly depriving others in the group the benefit of their wisdom.

I appreciate both of your feedbacks.

Rolf, I totally appreciate your views. part of me agrees that an investing venue is maybe not a perfect place to showcase my personal, very private beliefs. I also NEVER hesitate to let folks that ask know that I do roll with Jesus as my Saviour. i ask myself why this couldn’t be incorporated into my presentation…

What has happened to me in the past year, is the four great things that happened to me this past year are not selling 91 of 100 homes in Gainesville with Tj and another savvy investor Rick Lee, (well over 600K in total sales), not adding a 26 space Park for 1 grand outlay, not surpassing XX in net Worth, Not adding 31 rental units to inventory. The important ones are more the things that give me Spiritual happiness. And i am sad to say they were not at all profitable on my P&L

I guess what I am wrestling with is that the Spiritual part of the process is becoming more important than the last line on my P&L.I personally don’t feel my beliefs and my business model are mutually exclusive. Rolf you say you would be offended if I were to stand up and say that any modicum of success i have enjoyed is a direct result of my Walk with my Lord…but I believe this is the absolute truth…more i bet my life on it. Do you see the dichotomy? I would never deliberately try to offend you. But the dichotomy is you would you be more offended by my statement of Faith or a deliberate lie to avoid an uncomfortable (for you)truth? I can’t answer this…

Shawn, I agree. I am saved and I’m not at all shy discussing this with folks. This all started with friends from this Board discussing some non quantifiable rewards (Blessings) we have received and we discussed ways to incorporate these into a general meeting. My fear, as Tony so well notes above, is that someone would skip the entire meeting because of a portion that contains religious content.

I’ve been lit up on both sides of this issue and i truly want to thank all that respond here and off board.

I try to leave most of Greg Meade out of these meets. sometimes I don’t present at all…HELP!!! LOL




I have been a teacher far longer than I have been investing in mobile homes. One of the absolute truths about teaching is there is never just one person with a question or concern but there may be only one person who is willing to stand up and articulate something.

I have been to 3 MOMs and this matter has never come up before. Why did it have to come up now? Wouldn’t it have been really simple to plan an early Sunday morning meeting for people so inclined to share their thoughts and beliefs in this area? It would be just like any other presentation in that those who are interested in the subject can choose to attend and those who are not will network or otherwise occupy themselves.

If I ask you in a private conversation to what do you attribute your success and you tell me it is your spiritual beliefs, I will respect that( and not be offended in any way) but it would have absolutely zero applicability to my life. If you start talking about this from a position of “authority” as the organizer of the MOM, your words will still not have any value in my life and now I will be pissed-off to boot.

No-one is asking you to lie so let’s put that argument to bed now. If you believe your spiritual beliefs have contributed to your success then by all means share them with people who are interested and in an appropriate venue. The general MOM meetings are not such a venue. Ditto for this forum.

You speak of a dichotomy. Well, how’s this for a dichotomy: I and others travel X thousand miles for an event and spend the necessary money and time in the hope of becoming better at what we do. We then listen to someone talk about things that have, IMHO, nothing to do with the reasons for us coming. Not only is this offensive but now we start to doubt/discredit the words of that speaker. And we start to wonder if the money and time was worth it. Do you see a dichotomy for people who do not share your beliefs?

You know your stuff, Greg, and many people have benefited from your willingness to share your knowledge. I certainly have. Perhaps it’s time to try to put the lid back on this can of worms and move on.


I mean it when i say I respect and value your words…

This forum is actually a great venue to coordinate a meeting of mobile home investing. What is contentious here is content…

Rolf, you are GENIUS!! As an addendum to our regular meeting, we will maybe have a Sunday meeting!!!

Folks that want to attend this portion would be by choice and would know GOING IN that the content would be of a spiritual nature. Absolute genius Rolf. Can I still take credit for thinking of this?? LOL

Ironic really, when you think of it…

Thank you Rolf,



Thanks for the reply and all that you do and have done for everyone. It does seem from meaningful communications solutions to most problems can be found!!

Rich Wright, aka Rich(WI)

MOM meeting. I promise you there won’t be a dull moment. …or could you guess that from this thread. LOL.

Something Rolf brought up that got me thinking is some folks do literally come thousands of miles to attend these meets.

One thing I can do to make this a liitle easier is to post dates well head of time. I recently saved over 400 by reserving a flight a month early.

I will have a date and itinerary out by April 1. This will be a two day meet with a Sunday morning “Optional Meet” Perhaps a breakfast type affair…

I have saved your email and will personally email you these results. I need to check our host’s schedules, but I really like a November meeting. We usually have great weather (not too hot) and it is a very convenient time for me.



Yes, ironic is an appropriate adjective in this case. The MOM is your baby and I would happily see you take the credit for this:-)

If you are short of speakers, I have an idea for something that might interest folks. You know I am big on landscaping and I see and hear people making the same mistakes over and over again. I have an idea for a presentation on how to get maximum bang for minimum buck when landscaping. This is would be information someone with any level of horticultural skills could use and they could put the ideas to work immediately. Standing offer if you’re interested.


You are an intersting guy. We are usually not short on speakers, but I would really like you to maybe present a 50 minute section on landscaping and maybe give us a thumbnail of your Community. maybe take a few pics of current or past projects and put into a PP format.

Something that would really interest me is low maintenace, low WATER landscaping (cheap). I have several good friends with Parks in GA. and if anyone has been watching the news, the folks near Atlanta are dried out and watering is strictly monitored. I heard in Atlanta they give you a ticket for watering your grass and plants. I was watching a real estate show, “My House is worth what?” on HGTV channel and mature landscaping can be 16% of price of home…amazing that. Here in Florida if you don’t mow weekly you have a jungle in a year.

We will have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday slots; which would you prefer? LOL sorry Rolf, I could NOT resist. (I know, I know, my b)

so far my thoughts are Friday tour John and Daph’s park, David’s park after a scheduled lunch; I really like a buffet style setting (thank you Tony and Scott). Take a break until after supper, maybe have David and John and Daphne present Fri. night and roundtable. Sat we will have Alexander start off, followed by you!

The Sunday meeting is full for four speakers…but I will gladly give up my spot for someone wanting to share in my place…

If you or anyone on this site has an idea to make this meeting a better meeting please contact me personally… I want ALL attendees to feel comfortable and ready to learn new things…and have a great time.

Anyone interested in attending the Sunday meet please email me at home. This portion will be RSVP as I would like this to be a breakfast meeting and we wil need an accurate count for food portions.

I will really try to have every detail ready by April 1…I’m starting to get excited.



352.216.2020 E mail


Interesting discussion on spirituality. Anyone who knows about you and spends fifteen minutes with you can tell by your actions that you have found a power from above. Your actions speak louder than any words.

An optional breakfast meeting with scheduled speakers, IMHO, would be best. The speakers would relate how one to three specific events in there lives have been connected to their faith (whatever brand that is). Time would be left immediately following the speakers for everyone to speak among themselves, as religion, spirituality, and being are rather stirring.



a lot. I think that can maybe be a viable format.

I appreciate your words more than you know. It is always risky to try new things and I am not about alienating any one for the sake of my comfort zone, but this past year i have heard mind boggling success stories that have no basis in financial gain…and I feel it is important to showcase these rewards as well as the ones that include CAP rates, NOI, cash flow.

I have taken mucho heat from several folks on this Board…I don’t mind. I WILL have this optional meeting on Sunday. There might 4 of us or 40 of us at this portion and either number works for me…the important thing is to open a venue to at least explore another side of investing that has been opened to me in the last five years and is not much discussed.

I hope you can make MOM Steve…


I don’t understand why there is such a visceral reaction to any mention of faith. I am not a “religious” person and would resent having a particular set of beliefs crammed down my throat telling me what I SHOULD do. But is success purely a financial endeavor?

I have had MUCH success in this business and only a small portion of it can be measured in financial terms. I have had to stretch comfort zones and force myself to grow in so many different aspects of my life. One of the big lessons I’ve learned, among many, is the importance of balance - balance between work, family, personal growth and challenges, etc.

I have a tendency to go gangbusters toward a goal, being a complete work-a-holic, and neglecting everything and everyone around me in the meantime. I have to occasionally ask myself, “What is the point of financial freedom if I’m neglecting the people I’m working for the financial freedom to enjoy?” My family and relationships are great motivators for me but don’t neglect those relationships in the present in order to pursue a future goal.

For others, their faith is a great motivator. As I mentioned, I am not a “religious” person but I certainly understand and respect the power of this kind of “relationship”.

My comment, as it relates to your question, is that if something has a profound impact on someone’s success in this business, and in life in general, then I’m interested in hearing about it. To say I only want to hear about it if it has nothing to do with faith is very close-minded, I think. Whether I believe or agree with another’s faith is beside the point. The point is: It made a difference to them and contributed to their success. Wasn’t that the question in the first place?




I found it interesting when I read “The Millionaire Mind” and “The Millionaire Next Door” that a very large percentage of millionaires credited their faith as a major factor in their success.

you’ve spent time at the meade casa and I think you will verify I never try to push my beliefs onto others…

I love your question about, "What is the point…

I agree.

I have 34 confirmed for my Sunday meet with 4 speakers. Anyone wishing to speak at this part of the meeting is welcome. ANY religion or belief (or lack thereof).

This is another side benefit for me of having the financial freedom to basically do what I feel is right or comfortable for me in every situation. Is this right for everyone? Probably not…

your friend,



I think you are really on to something. I really appreciate your desire to communicate values and ideas that are important to you, and could be useful to others. Your willingness to give, share, help, and encourage while doing your best not to offend; is solid gold.

Count us in for a least 2 spots, maybe more if scheduling permits.

                                                   Roy and Cathy

Good Mornin,

I have just started learning about the mobile home business…I live in Atlanta area and also in the Knoxville area part time. I would love to meet some of yall around the georgia area…what is MOM?


Brent Robinson

Greg, I am not a religious person but I think it is a great idea for newbies (and seasoned as well) to hear the importance of the good we sometimes do for people in this business. Just last week I installed a 28’ ramp for elderly tenants so they could get in and out of their home. Did I get more rent? No. Did I get paid for the ramp? No

But the good feeling I got from it was priceless. We hear so much about “keeping the tenants in line” and little about keeping our lives in balance.



I like your idea and I hope some form of it can be implemented. It would be great to hear about something good a community owner has done and if it has had a positive effect on the other residents. Learning to use “carrots” instead “sticks” all the time is something I am sure everyone would benefit from. Or even just the small positive things we do every now and then such as what you did. Given all the crap we have to go through on a daily basis, it gets hard to remember that sometimes we can be agents of positive change in our own and other’s lives.


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