MHP 360 contact impossible

These guys have tons of listings and I can’t get a hold of them no matter what I do. I’m considering hiring a witch doctor or going to one of the snake handling churches. Anybody have some insight on this?

I have dealt with them. They are clowns. Do not waste your time.

Had a similar experience. Perhaps they already have a stream of buyers such that from their end it doesn’t matter?

I’ve had a few conversations with Andrea over the last year. I can tell you that they are pretty busy over there. Your best course of action is to take what’s in the marketing package and just write up your LOI based on what’s in there. If you have additional questions, you can ask them after you’ve gotten their attention. It sucks, but it beats giving up.

We had a park under contract last year that ended up being one of their " listings" . I say their “listings” if you want to call it that because , the guy said it was for sale while we were negotiating but I could not find it (because there was no address/city). This one came from an off market contact for us. I can see they try and protect themselves (as it sounds like they don’t have an exclusive listing agreement) but It just seems like a lot of their listings were like that.

It sounds like these guys might be doing wrap around deals based off initial conversations from their direct mail campaign or other leads.

Interesting strategy but annoying for the Buyer since they as a non exclusive agent probably know very little and can’t gaurantee sellers desire to sell