MHP Global (Michael Calin, et al)

This broker tends to have some good midwest state park listings, but I’m having trouble getting a callback, despite providing proof of funds, etc.

Anyone know the secret code to get past the gatekeepers?


See this thread…

Actually MHP 360 is a different firm, but equally as bad with trying to make contact. :slight_smile:

The four biggies with lots of Midwest listings seems to be MHP Global (Calin), MHP 360 (Strittmatter), Multi-Family Innovations (King), and Birch (Davis).

They all treat inquiries as if you are offering them a case of smallpox! :smile:

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Sorry, if i provided misinformation. I know for a while, i was getting listings from a guy by the name of “John Bradt”

I think this was going back several years and looks like it was under the REMAX name.

Then at some point, in 2015, received an email under MHP Global with the same broker name on it “John Bradt”

Then in 2016 he was using the same picture but this time , under the name of “Jon King” . Now with Multi Family Innovations. But seeing another one of his email addresses ( looks like jbk - so name could be John Bradt King ? ) .

So it looks like he might just be an agent skipping around with brokerages and then i thought 360 was affiliated with them so i may have been wrong on the other thread but mentally probably batched these companies together ( which appears was incorrect).

To me the red flag was when i saw an agent using a different name but if its just an agent maybe my concerns were unwarranted about the actual brokerage.

I agree with somewhat about the small pox, if not polio, or measles.

Its a good market and thats the reality of the situation but sometimes it is still common courtesy just to treat people with respect.

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@highplainsdrifter @Deleted_User_ME - I feel your pain. I experienced the same phenomena a year ago. Despite having a track record of owning hundreds of multifamily apartment units, despite being able to demonstrate serious liquidity - getting inquiries taken seriously was a challenge. Finally I went “on tour” - and I actually flew all over the U.S. simply to have coffee with various brokers. It worked. If nothing else it was a signaling device that I was less likely to be a time waster and I was told by more than one broker they’d never seen a client do that before. They also said they are simply bombarded with hundreds of inquiries on parks - 99% of which are tire kicking newbies and/or dreamers who can’t close the deal - and like any other type of real estate broker they pass things around to the people they know can and will close first.


Ill add one thing that has worked for me as well. I spend most my resources looking for deals off market. I come across a lot of stuff, some things seem pretty interesting but for whatever reason , not in pursuit of them. If the owner is willing , I will share a brokers information to pass them off to. Sometimes owners don’t know who to call ( and you can see on this thread its easy to take the wrong step…) so once you figure out who you feel is reputable get with them and pass them info.

This may give you an edge as @Ivan_ilych points out so you can get a competitive advantage where its needed.

Additionally, i think its extremely important , if a broker sends you a deal, give them specific reasons about why it doesn’t work for you, what you don’t like about it and have really defined parameters of what you are looking for.

Everyone is a looking for a 10 cap that is on city water and city sewer 100 dollar low lot rents, no POH 120spaces and up with 10 unoccupied lots.

Figure out a way to differentiate yourself from that group. Ie , i will look at smaller deals ( 20-50 spaces but really would like them to be on city utilities ( or the ability to connect onto city utilities if on private ( which means I will look at a deal on private utilities ) some POH are ok , some vacany is ok, i really am only interested in a handful of markets , can close cash , bankable for financing, have partners to source capital if needed for a bigger opportunity). Have a little experience etc etc.

That back story can give you an edge when being considered a purchaser of a property… but its weird and memorable because even though you might consider that deal and be a good buyer for it, my story was more memorable and will come to find first.

Hopefully that helps some of you guys looking for deals.

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Thanks for the info, folks.

@Ivan_ilych, heading out there in person is something I’ve strongly considered, I think that’s an excellent idea.

@Deleted_User_ME, I think you are right that King left Remax and branched on his own (and continues to be as unresponsive as he was at the previous firm!)


This is Jon King and yes my name was Jon Bradt but I changed my name to King for personal Reasons, there are 2 companies I worked for (Birch and mhp global) and I now have started my own company Multi-Family Innovations, If I did not get back to you or anyone else, I apologize and hopefully this will set the record straight

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Thats nice of you to take the time to jump on and post here !