Ironton, OH Mobile home park

Hi Real Estate family, anyone familiar with Ironton , OH demographics? Thank you

Check out — median home price $95k median income $38k. Both are well below our criteria.

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Hi @westewart thank you so much i sent you a PM

Agreed. Pretty darn low.

Yeah, can you send your instagram handle? Thanks in advance

I don’t waste time on social media

I saw a deal there that I am sure everyone else here did so I looked at Demographics are not in our range. I have found when you invest in a lower quality demographic, it is hard to rent and sell homes and to find vendors. By comparison we have a park in a strong market and another in a place not much different from Ironton. The exact same manufactured home lists for $80,000 in our strongest park and $40,000 in our weakest park. Phone rings off the hook for $80,000, but it has taken a year so far to find a buyer at $40,000. In the weaker area, you are stuck selling used homes which are very challenging to buy and refurbish.

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Thank you @mPark , you are right
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