Investors: Off market Lease Option Deal w Low Down Payment( but may need 500k+ to fill lots) in PA! 177 space park-2.6m (must be ok w filling lots)

Hello Fellow Investors,

Park Description : 177 space park: total park owned homes 31, total occupied homes 16, total vacant 15 (all needing renovation) total tenant owned homes 67, total vacant lots 52. total abandoned homes 27. ( of which 17 are teardowns)

If interested , ill give you the location.

Current income and expenses: (have a more specific breakdown of all income and expenses, and also filling park lots with homes and projections w expected numbers and cap rates too-just text or email for more detailed numbers besides specific overview here)

gross income is $383, 083
expenses $292,188

NOI-$90, 845

Estimated numbers after plan completion:

estimated capital to complete the project- $486,000
projected gross: $582, 857 Projected expenses: $344, 988
Projected NOI: $237, 869 Projected Net cashflow: $167, 621

Cap rate: 7.8%

2,600,000 + 486000= 3,086,000 (investment)

Cash on cash : 26.4%

50,000 DP, and 100k fee (75 consulting fee + 25k finders fee for procuring buyer to me) +486000 (capital)=636k cash invested)

$167, 621 (net c.flow) divided by 636k= 26.4 coc

If you have interest reach out w questions. If i dont know the answer ill ask the seller.

Got 11 more parks with sizable upside in midwest and down south.


Dan G.
DLG Properties, LLC


Interested in more of this area location.