Insurance and liability questions

Several tenants have requested a small playground/swing set. My manager is a go getter, and really excited about it, and is willing to do it. Has anyone put in a swingset before? Is this just a terrible idea? Will this cause issues with insurance?

Also, with the warm months here, several tenants are wanting to hold fires in fully enclosed fire pits. What are other park owner thoughts on this? Any issues with insurance? (I’ve cued in Kurt Kelley too if he gets a chance to respond)

Let Kurt be your guide.

We’d not pay for any of that, assuming insurance would allow it. Make tenants pay for those sorts of personal items. If they don’t increase your insurance cost, then certainly allow it. It’ll make tenants more connected to your community and likely to stay longer.



Sorry for the slow reply.

Swing sets and playground equipment are fine in parks as long as the equipment is safe, in working condition and located on wood chips or sand. The soft surface beneath the equipment is critical as it makes falls much less severe. It typically adds about $250 year to the General Liability insurance premium.

The positive to playground equipment is that it gives kids a place to play other than park streets.


As for tenant site placed fire pits I’ve not seen those in a park and it’s not a question park insurers generally ask. That said, if they were found during an inspection it could lead to a non renewal or cancellation. A centrally located properly built fire pit seems to be a better idea