Tenant Space Usage

Looking at many mhc from a sat view it becomes apparent that many pretty much allow tenants to do whatever, such as too many cars, not parking in assigned areas, out buildings, kids play areas, etc. Many of these make a mhc look blighted, which in turn harms the mhc and its profitability.

This thread got me to questioning how much space does a tenant rent per unit and how much is common area?

Can some of you that actually own mhc share your views of this? Does the tenant rent only the space for their unit plus parking or do they rent whatever space is required by code? eg: 2500 sq ft

Generally speaking, tenants lease the entire home site in the park and are free to do on it anything not prohibited by the park rules or the law.

That said, having a quality set of park rules and regularly enforcing it is a great way to improve any park. Remember, that every time you make one bad actor clean up his act, you make everyone else in the park happy. People prefer clean quiet safe places to live, no matter what income they have.

We generally allow tenants have 3 cars/home. It depends on whether a park has off-street or on-street parking. We just don’t want the roads cluttered with cars. If there are driveways, then as long as the cars are running (e.g. no flat tires, and registration is current on the license plate), then tenants can have more on their lot. We generally don’t allow boats or RV or ‘big rig’ parking anywhere in our communities. We allow tenants to do most anything else with their lot, provided it does not violate our insurance, or the law. Most tenants like to have relatively open/clean lots so their kids or pets can play, or they can have room for a grassy area with chairs around a BBQ.