How to get your park to 100% occupancy?

What are some things you have done or ways you’ve advertised to bring your park to 100%?

Currently we have around 9 vacant lots, we are expecting 3 new trailers to be delivered to the park in the next few months. That will help a little bit by getting those sold, but what can we do to help get the last 6 spaces rented out?

Currently we have ads on Facebook in the market space and also on Craigslist. Where / how else would you advertise your park to get the spots filled? Any and all tips / tricks are welcome.

Thank you.


Offer a 50-100 bonus to existing tenants that refer people to the park.


Ive tried the bonus for yrs, zero results. $6000+ for a move and set-up kills alot of existing home moves. New at $80000 plus for a single wide Im open to suggestions also.

I’ll be honest, the only way we get lots filled is if we bring in homes to those lots. I have people asking about buying a home and bringing it in all the time, but it has yet to happen.

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This is 90% of the problem. And then, how do you “sell” them legally if people don’t come in with their own financing?

For new homes, we have a couple of dealers who will bring in a home and keep it in their name since they are licensed dealers. Once the home is sold, they handle the title transfer. Two local dealers have been willing to do this for me because I promise to buy the home if it doesn’t sell within 3 months. I have never had an unsold, new home on a lot longer than three months.

In my experience, used homes are trickier. First, in PA, we can only sell three a year (last I checked). Second, if a home is a HUD home and is worth more than 20k, tenants are able to secure a loan.

Filling lots and selling homes is difficult unless you become a licensed dealer yourself. I wish it were easier…

Follow the link below. I asked a similar question but I think Frank’s response will help you fix your occupancy issue too.

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