Hard to fix roof leak

We have a home in one of our new parks that we cannot figure out the roof leak. We have rolled the roof 4 times now and the roof keeps leaking. It is a relatively flat roof with little pitch, but the home is not worth putting a completely new metal roof on it. Are there any products you would recommend? We just found some peel and stick aluminum that was highly rated, but I’m curious if you have any experience with other products?

I am hoping to find that as well! We have a lot of experience in stock built homes, but not older mobile homes.

Here are some solutions.
I use the Home Depot Elastomeric Roof Seal. I buy the most expensive one as the labor costs are the same whether you choose the cheap or the more expensive seal. I pay about $1,000 in Labor.

If you have a metal roof, make sure they do not walk on the roof. The best way to install is with a ladder on the side and a long roller.




Another solution that is pretty expensive but should do the trick is:

I used a similar product on the Roof of my RV, and it’s bulletproof. Coating my RV was $10K for professional installation.

If you can find the products from a distributor or manufacturer, you’ll typically have better results as those offerings will have more solids in their chemistry. That being said, the most important steps in coating a roof are the cleaning and preparation. You can get good results with many available products if the preparation is done properly.
I’m new to this forum so I’m not sure if you can post any pictures of the roof in question and what you may have used to coat it. If you’re able to I’m happy to take a look and see if I spot potential issues.

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Hello. We recently had a home that was leaking around the perimeter of the home. Turns out the gutter system was too small so we added downspouts and widened the connection between the gutters and downspouts. No sure if you’re having a similar problem but figured it may be of help. I agree with Sdguy on the expensive roof sealant. If you use the cheaper stuff it needs to be rolled every year or 2 max.

how long does the seal coating last?

Long enough to sell the house…

I recommend resealing every year, but in practice, that never happens. The seal coat can last 5-10 years, depending on your location. In my SoCal parks, it can easily last longer, but a freezing winter and/or extreme heat in the summer will shorten the product’s lifespan.

We have a park in ME and are installing metal roofs on them.

If you top it every 10 years it will last forever.

We have had good luck with it in IL.