Best roof solutions for mobile homes

What are your best roof solutions? We’re in SoCal and we just had a lot of rain, finally. We have 15 homes with roof leaks. Some we can address with Henry’s, but many of them are more serious. What is the best re-roof solution and what is the best for just repairing? Thank you!!!

I recently helped a friend here in rainy Oregon use this product on a huge metal roof on a horse arena:
GacoRoof GacoFlex 100% silicon roof coating, (that’s Gaco and not Graco). It rolls on and sprays on but if you rent a sprayer it needs to be a powerful one as this stuff is thick, and clean the sprayer immediately with mineral spirits when done. Rolling it on with a roller out of a bucket took forever, having one guy pour a thin stream of this stuff in front of another guy rolling worked better. Spraying it on and another guy immediately behind the sprayer back rolling it worked really really well.
I was impressed with it. I’m not affiliated with them in any way.
Whenever you are on a roof just remember the old cliche “Roofers should never step back to admire their work!” Be safe.

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Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating. Prep the roof before applying to make it last longer. This is a 12-24 month solution depending on the amount of sun exposure and climate your homes reside.

Next step up is screwing spaced 2x4’s to the roof and putting corrugated metal roof panels on top. Add a ridge cap, drip edge, etc. Downside to this solution is the added weight to the home, which carries risks if it needs to be moved.

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I agree with jhutson. Kool Seal is a time tested product.

Your decision should be based on your desire to have a short term or long term solution. If it is a POH you intend to keep the best solution is the 2X4 and corrugated metal roofing. If it’s a quick flip you are selling the Kool Seal is the economical approach.
Temporary fix verses life time solution.
The biggest issue with the temporary fix is when it leaks again it will cause additional damage to the home that will eventually need repair.

Greg-That sounds wise. We have a lot of roofs to repair or replace. You’re correct that each time we have a leak, it’s expensive because we also have to go inside to paint or repair ceilings and sometimes walls.

We are trying a 1 piece PVC roof that we bought for $1,100 for a singlewide.

Metal roofs sound more cost effective. I see that Home Depot has a “Classic Rib Steel Roof Panel”,model 2313617 for about $1/sf, with a 45 year finish. Is that what you use? Do you put it directly on the existing roof, or do you create a frame of 2x4’s around the edges and put foam panels inside the 2x4 frame?

JHutson-Thank you for this good info. I just posted to Greg below, and would ask that you answer too, if you don’t mind. This is VERY helpful. Thank you!

I would frame the 2x4’s and not slap directly on the metal roof.

You can also find places on Craigslist that sell 26 gauge r panel for under $1 per foot and 3 foot wide. You should pay about 800 dollars on materials for a 16x80 but the thing will last forever.

Do you use foam panels with the wood? I found a video suggesting that: Mobile Home Roof Over - YouTube

Or do you just put the wood down?

I strap the roof in what ever size lumber is available, I have used 2 X 4 and 1 X 4 and apply the HD metal. I usually shop for deals on the metal and plan ahead.
I have also used the ridged foam but it depends on the home and what my plans are for the reno. Some are really tight budget others more elaborate.
Basically depends on the home and my future plans for the reno. I do not have any POHs and only buy residents home to flip in order to up grade the community.
Our homes sell in the $65K to $120K price range.

Flat roofs leak more often and create more interior damages than pitched roofs. As an architect who often designed residential houses I never designed anything with a flat roof. It is not very difficult to construct a pitched roof on an existing flat roof structure. I’ve added pitched roofing to existing buildings and the cost is worth the additional cost.

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This elastomeric roof coating for metal roof homes only, correct? Can’t see someone painting that stuff on shingles.

yea pretty sure it’s only for metal roofs

The solution we ended up with is 100% Silicone roof coating by Henrys, $350 for 4.75 gallons at Home Depot, $314 if you buy 8 or more, possibly less if you go through the Pro Desk for volume purchases.

Make certain it’s 100% silicone. It’s not super easy to apply. But it lasts! We now have very few roof leaks out of 100 roofs, and when we have leaks, it’s usually at the protrusions and we just seal them. It was expensive but really lasts, so far after 5 years.

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For repairing minor leaks, products like Henry’s can work well. However, for more serious issues affecting multiple homes, considering a durable and sustainable re-roofing solution is crucial. Environmentally Conscious Modular homes, offer innovative roofing options that prioritize durability and eco-friendliness, making them worth exploring for long-term resilience against weather elements like heavy rain.

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