Best MHP Acquisition CRM/Software

I wanted to see if anyone would be so kind as to share a CRM/software platform being used for managing MHP acquisition. Looking to download CSV lead data directly into the platform and have an efficient “step process” to manage all the way from lead data input through to purchase of MHP.

Would like to purchase 8-10 parks for a total of 1000 pads in the next 12 months and looking to make our acquisitions process as efficient as possible. Appreciate any helpful feedback and happy to share our best practices once this system is in place. Thanks!!

I use HubSpot, it’s awesome and free. You can import/export easily, track emails, and it’s very easy to use. Recommend installing the add-on’s for Gmail and for the Chrome browser.

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@keithme I just started using HubSpot. What exactly do the add-on’s do and is Chrome necessary for the interface to work efficiently?

I’ve spent a lot of time testing out different solutions, yet have never found the perfect solution as they all seem to lack something.

As I see it there are four main parts to an acquisition:

  • Lead Generation
  • Negotiation
  • Acquisition
  • Post-Acquisition On-Boarding

Things that I think need to be in the right system:
*Files & notes required throughout the process by multiple parties, like Rent Rolls, are easily accessible in 1 location
*User created templates to avoid having to reinvent the wheel
*Gnatt charts
*User task tracking
*Lead tracking

I have yet to find one solution that does everything that I want it to. From what I have found, you need 2 systems to do this, a CRM for lead generation and a project management solution for the rest.

That being said, I would love to be shown something that does accomplish everything

@JimFletcher What do you currently use?

@Dominic730 The Chrome add on gives you alerts to when targets respond to your emails. The Gmail add-on let’s you easily track email opens and replies, and log the email correspondence directly into the system when you send them and when they’re responded to. Very streamlined. The mobile app is also really good and free.

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I completely agree. My plan is to use Rent Manager for everything post acquisition and a separate system for everything from lead data acquisition through to closing. I’m currently highly considering “RethinkCRE” and “Ascendix” CRM solution built on Microsoft dynamics 365 as I have quite a bit of experience with MS365. Have you looked at or used either of these systems and what do you use now on the acquisitions side?

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Podio is what I like

@Deleted_User_ME - Care to share any particulars on why you like Podio versus other CRM’s that you have tried?

I haven’t really tried others. Did some preliminary research and based on some testing around seemed like it would do the job. Started off with trying to import some date, massaging it to sort by certain categories, so you can pull it how you want it, ie sort by city , state, etc. You can later go on to connecting it all to a map. And really the possibility with all integrations are endless. I hired someone to help with the initial setup and education because i didn’t get it. Meaning i wasnt sure exactly what it is. But you can do so much. Aside from data management, you can hook it up to auto callers, auto texters, email campaign stuff , connect to click to mail and generate mailings. There are some single family flippers that use this stuff on mass scale automation. I have since gone away from certain things to my criteria changing. I had it setup for a while, where we subbed out mail, we would get a call, update a note on our podio , then it would shoot over to our mailers google sheet, update that, and stop sending mail if we needed it. all with a one button click. All the time setup will take a bit and im not very knowledgable on the formulas that get setup with globiflow so that was helpful for me to get someone who was. He just told me to find out what i want it to do.

Aside from the marketing stuff. , I use it for mgmt tasks , you can automate mobile home title forms, tracking violations. I really like it compared to property management software.

And then that will include personal stuff , ie tracking my dogs meds schedule, appointments ,

You can tap in a lot of people its scalable , you can assign stuff, it’s accountable.

There might be other stuff that’s as good or better but thats what i started on and ended up kind of migrating most of life in there so its kind of like an all in one control center with the multiple workspaces.

Group: What exactly are you using, let’s say HubSpot for? Are you using it to direct mail, cold call? I just want to try to get a sense of how each use the CRM.
I am looking at HubSpot as well to not only hold my contacts but organize my mailings, re-contacts etc.

I use it to easily log interactions with prospects, so that three months down the road I can remember what we talked about. I also use it to set reminders to reach out on a regular basis. It’s helpful in keeping me organized.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation!

In a previous life I sold/built a custom crm on the platform - a customized version we sold to a niche market. The basic Salesforce platform supports everything you need; lead uploads, lead tracking, allows a user to set follow ups, allows mgmt to track follow ups, gives the user/mgmt the tools to build custom reports. It also can support your ‘step process’ and you can track the progress of your deals/leads/procurement effort throughout each step of the sales/procurement cycle (via the custom reports) all the way down to the individual user level - documents can be created and made available in the system for each step for your users to access… triggers can be set to have emails auto sent, it interacts with email/etc marketing platforms (like Constant Contact), etc. It’s probably the most robust CRM on the market.

The process/steps of buying a park is similar to the sales process of just about anything; lead research, approach, qualifying the lead, preference (why they should sell to you instead of the other guy), proposal/negotiaion, contract.

Most web based CRM products have the features you’ll need - you can pay the provider to customize them or you can learn to do it yourself.

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Thanks for your response. Im quite familiar with sales force and MS365 and have done dev work in both. was just thinking someone may have come out with a “pre-canned” solution similar to what RentManager provides for the back end park management but on the acquisitions side. Looking at Ascendix on MS365 and Rethink on Salesforce right now. Thanks for the input!

tmperrault is correct, salesforce can do a lot of this, but it isn’t cheap

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@keithme that’s awesome. Thank you!

Copy that Currently looking at both RE and Ascendix on Salesforce. I’m use to paying between $5k-$10k a year for software licenses plus dev work so these should both fall right in that price range I hope. With time I will have more to add to this conversation once a platform has been chosen, dev work is finished and we are moving forward with daily usage

I Recommend installing the add-on’s for Gmail and for the Chrome browser.

Mark, I am looking at Salesforce. How did you initially set up your existing property lists. As leads? Or using an APP or “Custom Object”?