Architect referral for Designing Site Map of new 20u RV Park

Hello fellow friends! New member, love the forum. Does anyone happen to have an architect firm recommendation to help design a site map for a 20 RV park I’m doing? It’s in rural Oklahoma (no city permits or zoing restrictions - yes, Oklahoma is that mellow!), I already have electricity brought in but I’m struggling to pick the proper road dimensions, setbacks between sites, layout, etc. even though it’s flat land with pleny of room. I’m hopeful someone who has experience with designing RV parks can assist. Thank you! Brian

You don’t need to hire an architect for a basic RV park layout. You can do it yourself.

You need to decide if you want month-to-month RVers or Overnighters. If you want overnighters, you will want to rent pull-through spaces. I recommend a minimum of 18’ width for RV spaces. This will accommodate Park Model RVs with a 6’ setback between homes.

Here is a sample RV park layout that we did.
The spots are 40 x 60; I know they are large. We did this because our Permit was for 45 RVs, and eventually, we want to upgrade the park from RV to MH spaces.
2020-10-19 Live Oak Springs Site Plan Expanded Approved Site Plan - Copy.pdf (556.8 KB)

For the roads, check your local state requirements. The road width requirements vary based on the location. The minimum I would want is a 15’ road width.

Oh this is great info. Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate it. I have a few MH parks but I purchased them already built. This is my first RV park development so I’m learning to swim in this realm. I like your plan to go from RV to MH in the future. This is key so I appreciate this idea. Awesome information. Thank you so much. This park is in Oklahoma but I’m actually in Cali too. I might reach out to the engineer that did your site map to hire them, if you don’t mind. Thank you!!! I owe you lunch if you’re in the LA area!!!

I am in San Diego.

You can use a draftsman to produce the plans also. You may save a few bucks by going that route.

I do not mind. Son is great to work with.