41 Space Off Market Deal in Anniston, AL

I’ve got a 41 space park in Anniston AL. (100k+ Metro)

Asking $410,000.

Seller has put a lot of money into park clean-up and removing homes. Park is ready to move homes in and start making CASH.

This can be a HUGE cash cow with market lot rents at $200 /mo and Huge Upside.

Seller WILL FINANCE with LOW DOWN payment and may consider a lease option.

If interested, reply here with your email and I will send more info.

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Send details to Richardgoldmanparkgroup@gmail.com

also please send details to nidalmag@yahoo.com.

Thanks @CuffleHoldings. Details coming your way soon when I get back to the office.


Please send details to Dominic@djmequity.com

I’ve literally owned a MHP in Anniston and have cash to put to work.

I am interested and own parks now. Ryan.groene55@gmail.com


I am located nearby and interested.
Thanks dustinemaxwell@gmail.com


Please send more information to:


I am familiar with the area as well.


Strangely enough, I am listening to a podcast right now about a 41 unit property in Anniston, AL

41 Unit Park Podcast

Not saying it’s the same one but sounds like it may be.

Please send details to bandbmhp@gmail.com. We already own one park in AL and are looking to expand. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

I just sent out info to everyone that has requested so far.

Thanks for inquiring.

I am very interested, please email me at Simpson.pelicans@gmail.com

@jcschariot - Information sent. Thanks. Let me know if you have any other questions

Very interested. sappermarine@gmail.com

Please send to aaronmaleh@gmail.com

Please send detail to azreinvestor86@yahoo.com

Count me in as well Brandon!

Thanks for posting!

Please send info to:

how many occupied pads? send details to kenbarleyrealtor@yahoo.com. I am a principal.

I am interested. Please send additional information. My email address is CC149540@gmail.com
Does the current owner self-manage?