Looking for JV partners, Florida Park


I’m looking for an equity partner for a small park in Florida. It is a 75 MH and RV park in the Crystal River area. Here are some details:

45 MH all tenants owned, 30 RV sites (most are long term tenants)
Current MH rents at $225, market is closer to $300.
RV rents between $235 and $250, market is $350 and up
Purchase price 1.225MM.
Seller financing with 20% Down at 5.5%. 30 yrs Am, 5 yr term.

If interested, please email partner@assetlegacygroup.com

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I can be a money partner… I’m funding several investors.

Greetings Asset,
I can likely be both money and support with operations. If want to discuss, please email me, robert@dovedistributors.com Thanks, RM

i would like to talk with you


303 536 1763