Looking for a park or possibly partnering

I am in the middle of a sale of a park and will be doing a 1031. I am looking for a replacement property in the 1.1 million+ range. I prefer the southeast but will consider other areas.

I will also consider a partnership on the right property. Please message me with anything you may have.


Mr Brandon Williams will be the best to fund your deals, brandonwilliams2923@gmail.com or call him (415)598-7677

HI Shawn,
My name is Robert Medina. I have a couple/medium small MF properties already. I’m also looking for another MHP in the SE (prefer the SE but open to strong MSAs in other areas). I’m based in Asheville, NC. Please reach out via email if you want to chat. 820lincolnllc@gmail.com Thanks and I hope you have a peaceful holiday! RM