Birch Realty whats your feedback on this company?


Has anyone used or bought a park thru Birch Realty?
Has anyone dealt with Stan Davis or Jason Deustch?
Has anyone called them and left voicemails only to NEVER get a return call back?

I found a park they had listed in which they were not actually licensed to do business in the state that the park was in. Anyone discovered similar findings?

Im just digging into this topic to see what others feedback is and if they have had any good communication or success with anyone from Birch.

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From the looks of things, many members on this forum don’t seem to have anything positive to note about the group.

I would absolutely avoid dealing with them if possible.
Just my 2 cents.


Shan, thanks for the opinion. It is my belief that your assessment is correct about this firm. Avoid them and do not do business with them, of course its very hard to do business with people who dont answer their phones EVER, or who dont reply to emails sent and hell, even the receptionist hardly answers the phone. I dont know how they stay in business operating like that. This is a people business and you have to treat people with respect and return correspondence promptly and professionally. They do none of that.


If you had a property with them under contract through an escrow company, you have legal right to it. Speak to a lawyer.

If they are listing properties they are not supposed to, call the Dept of Real Estate for their state.


They stalled me out in midst of communication to get pertinent questions that I needed answers to before I could arrive at final valuation and make the offer. Then i skip traced the actual owner and he told me that the park just went under contract that same morning i called. How could that be. He knew nothing of me. . . just shady if you ask me. I wanted to buy this park and I would have been highest bidder because seller told me what he signed for and I was a hundred grand HIGHER. as much as i would love to call the Dept of Real Estate i wasn’t able to get the offer in so i have no recourse in this situation.


Yes STAY AWAY!! They had several properties listed and I wanted to make an offer. After several conversations on the properties I told them I wanted to make an offer using them and they all of a sudden they would not call me back. I then had representation from another real estate broker and they would not respond to the offer we sent. They are not doing any favors for their sellers either. Don’t waste time.


Thanks for the candid feedback Birdwoman. I am staying clear of Birch Realty, its a shame too because unless their listings are bogus listings and fake, it would appear that they have more parks brokered under contract than just about any other broker ive seen.


Avoid them at all costs. I have been told that one of them, Stan, is using an assumed name not his real name!


wow, that is crazy, Stan told me a month ago that he left Birch and is starting his own company. The real estate board in whatever state they are in I think IN or MI needs to pay their office a visit and see what the F is going on at Birch Realty. Maybe they can teach them how to answer their phones?