Birch realty scammers


Birch realty,
STAY away from these guys!!!

A park they had listed for sale I placed and offer that was accepted them I put the park under contract and spent 30 days of time and money going through the due diligence process after it was time to put the money down they stopped answering my phone calls stop answering my emails and then I find out that they negotiated with another buyer while I had a park under contract and help the sellers sell for more money even though I had the park under contract Stay far from these guys, they are very crooked and the owner Stan is fraud. Your warned not to sell parks with these guys or buy. Jason Deutch is his broker and he is also extremely crooked and will do anything to make more money even if it means screwing you out of yours! Do not work with these guys.


I’m no lawyer, but it would seem that if you could prove monetary damages from an illegally broken contract should be a fairly easy court case.


State Laws vary BUT GET A LAWYER NOW and ask him about filing a Lis Pends at the county court house .
If done before they can file a deed to the other person It will probably stop the sale and also give you standing to in force Your contract. And also give You standing to SUE THE SELLERS.


First are they licensed in the state where the park is (the are probably required to be), and if so you may also file a complaint with that states real estate commission (the body that licenses real estate agents and brokers).


Really appreciate the heads up.

Your information regarding Stan and Jason’s relationship corroborates with my experiences. Everything’s listed under Stan online, and Jason makes all the replies.

Really sorry to hear that happened to you.

Wishing you future success.



I created a second account just so I can reply to this thread without being black lasted from them entirely.

Birch Realty is the worst and most unprofessional group I have ever worked with. They are rude and arrogant. Why on earth anyone every lists any properties for sale with them is BEYOND me.

And “somewhere in ----” for their listings is an idiotic strategy. I cannot understand how that benefits anyone.

Stay away from birch realty. And please stop listing properties for sale with them.


Attorneys dont like to file lis pendens because of their personal liability if they lose their case.


I had a very negative experience as a buyer re a MI park


Experience with Birch has been positive to the extent information asked for and follow-up were fine. We have dealt with a broker where we were flying to meet the broker and the property and the broker didn’t even show up so we went on our own to the seller–should we name who we have a bad experience with??? Some brokers do not want to spend time with unknown NEW buyers since they have a list of over 30 buyers with money and have closed parks before with them. If you have 30 people wanting to buy a mobile home you quickly change the methods to complete a sale since TIME is money!!! When the parks business flips again and buyers are scared as well as sellers that is the time to be buying. Just noticed a park in Mi (good looking) and the 6.9 cap advertised cap rate was a proforma–the actual P&L showing a 5 cap.



Yea agreed, but we had a set close date and contract so pitching a park to other buyers is unacceptable.


The broker has every right to accept backup offers. When we were in the above mentioned condition?? the broker indicated if we were questioning any possibility of closing he had other ready to close the deal and it most cases in this market their are ten more buyers the broker known will close—yes right now brokers are actually to busy with buyers and the brokers have poor inventory(low cap or junk that normally would never sell). Just look back when someone indicated he has a park to assign on this forum there are usually 10 people saying PLEASE SEND ME THE INFORMATION. We have seen this happen before and blood in the street like Mr. Buffett says is time to buy will be here in less than 5 years—the park business also has cycles!!!


You should file a complaint with the state licensing board. If you were under contract their action is completely unacceptable and you are also entitled to damages (if you can prove them).