Assignment in Greater Cincinnati

Hi everyone,

I have a park I am looking at and owner is ready to sell but a unique situation and want to see if this would interest anyone. See the details below and reach out to me if this is something that would interest you! Thanks in advance for your responses and comments.

MSA: Cincinnati Metro (20 min from downtown)

105 lots

0 vacant lots

53 occupied homes

-20 poh on contract (roughly)

  • 33 TOH

52 vacant poh- Some older homes and smaller homes. Would need to dig in further about condition of each

Lot rent 285

-City sewer/city water sub metered and billed back quarterly.

-Portions park may be in flood zone will need to verify further

Owner is asking 1.1M but I have not tried to negotiate but I do sense some motivation. I wanted to see if anyone is interested in this amount of POH before further discussions.

Definitely interested. I live in the area and already own a park around here and am actively looking for more.

Please email at

I am interested. I own several parks and am looking for more.

Please email me at

Thanks, Tony

Very interested, have multiple parks in that MSA

Please send me the info. We are cash buyers.


Hi Major,
I’m a cash buyer, have MHPs and I’m certainly interested. Additionally, I can acquire by myself or partner with someone as well. Please get back to me with some info. Thank you, RM

Please send details to:; I’m another buyer in the area.

@Qmajor Very interested. I live in the area and am looking for something local. Thanks!

Hi, if still available, I am very interested to learn more. Please connect with me at Thanks, Mike

I am very interested,