Zoning and Dealer License in KY

We own a park in Radcliff KY that is zoned R-7 (residential), and after meeting with the zoning commission, understand that they will not sign off for us to become a dealer as it would be commercial. They did state that we could apply for subdividing the area used for the office, but they stated that it would not be a guarantee that it would be approved. The park is located on a main expressway and is surrounded on both sides by commercial buildings, so it may not be that much of a problem, but as it stands, we would have to jump through some hoops to get the zoning approved in order to get the dealer license.

I have looked into all the KY regulations for selling MH and cannot find the specific verbage concerning the park owner selling homes. I understand that I will not be able to buy wholesale without the license, but what are the rules concerning sales of MH by park owners that are not dealers?

We submitted our application to Vanderbilt Mortgage to serve as a repo dealer, and were informed that it might be possible to work under their dealer license, but that is still not determined at this point.

We truly need to have the dealer license, but at this point, we need to get homes in the park, and do not want to wait on the process. I would just like to get a better understanding of the regulations of sales of MH by park owners in KY.

Thanks in advance.

Cari Considine



Thank you for your reply. While we have always planned on pursuing lease options as the avenue by which we sell homes, I am not sure why it didn’t strike me as a way to deal with this problem. Really, now that I think on it with more clarity, it seems as though we should not have much of an issue at all, unless everyone decides to purchase their option at the same time…which I doubt. Someone else’s perspective on a situation can bring about solutions that were in front of you the whole time. I appreciate your reply, and I believe that there are many options open for us. Thanks again.