You ever notice?

You ever notice that your best tennants put the words I/my/our in the beginning of their statements.

Can I…?

I like living here,

I will take care of it,

I have a new job,

It was our fault that…,

I wont let it happen again,

I just got laid off so I will be 2 weeks late with the rent this month (and mean it),

I will make sure my heat tape is plugged in, steps are cleaned, Etc.

But our worst tennants put the words he/she/you/your/they in the beginning of their statements.

You need to give me some time,

They cut my electric,

They are liars

They expect me to drive all the way over there and pay the bill,

They cut my SSI/DSI/welfare/unemployement,

You can’t evict me,

She took my money (for alimony, support etc.)

You need to ad insulation

He fired me for no reason

You gotta fix my

He did not pay me

Your wife/manager/repairman was rude to me, broke my, stole my.

They messed up my acount

He was a terrible landlord

And the all time favorite “You will hear from my laywer”

I have noticed that these people all have one thing in common. Their problems are always external in their minds. When in reality their problems are almost always internal.


We should supply all of the worst tenants with a dictionary definition of RESPONSIBILTY. It is a shame that more people dont take ownership of this word. If our tenants did take more RESPONSIBILTY for their actions we certainly would not have much to do.

My third grader came home recently with this, and I took it out to the park and put it on the bulletin board. I felt it was needed there more than anywhere.

6 Ways to Make Responsible Choices:

C onsider what might happen - think before you act.

H elp yourself be responsible by getting and staying organized.

O bey rules and laws in your home, school, and community.

I gnore bad ideas that pop into your head. Change what you’re doing or think about something good instead.

C hoose the choice that’s best for you and for others - the one that feels right inside.

E arn people’s trust by showing that they can count on you.