Yard clean up

We just bought the park a couple of months ago and we have 2 lots that are a disaster. I have no idea how the managers let these places get in this mess. One of them is doing everything we ask and it seems we are always finding stuff he needs to get rid of. The other one is dragging his feet, we want to send him a letter giving him 45 days (or so) to get it cleaned up. My question is, what if he doesn’t? How do you decide how much to charge him? He has a storage building on the front of his property that needs to go, he has another one on the back of his property and he’s building another one in the middle of his property. We told him he could keep one. If we have to go in and clean it up, can we remove the 2 extra storage buildings? And, what do you do with the tools, equipment, etc that he has in the storage buildings?

I have it in my lease. Which is for the most part was given at the boot camp with minor changes.
Mine says 40 per occurrence. If you have to make 4 trips it is 160. If we have to rent a truck and gas etc… That is added up.
The point is to let the person know these charge - all of them. Most will not want the expenses added and will clean the way you ask. Business like approach where you are not interested in listening to a bunch of hogwash gets point across.

This is the type of tenant you need to get rid of. You will never get him to live up to your standards and will constantly be at odds over one issue or other. The end goal you really need to achieve is eviction. Bring in a outside contractor to provide and estimate for clean up. Give the estimate to the home owner and additionally let him know all personal possessions will be placed in a storage facility that he will be responsible for paying. Tell them they have 30 days to do all work as requested and let him know at that time the contractor will be hired and if he does not pay the cost he will be evicted. The small cost of hiring a contractor is worth the price if in the end you can successfully evict .   

With our ‘Turn Around’ Mobile Home Park we inherited a City Code Enforcement Officer who loves to come to our MHP.For our particular situation we are in the process of turning around the Park, so the City Code Enforcement Officer is a good thing (as she acts as the ‘Bad Guy’).Our City Code Enforcement Officer gives Tickets to our Tenants.One Tenant (who likes to collect items) was recently given a Court Appearance Ticket with a big fine.The Tenant took the Ticket seriously and cleaned up his Lot.We also have discovered that the neighboring apartment complex feels the need to throw their trash bags over the 8 foot fence into our MHP.One of our industrious Tenants looked through the trash bags and found the name and address of the Apartment Offender.Our City Code Enforcement Officer is now sending this Apartment Offender a Ticket for littering.Now I know that Frank is not necessarily a fan of the City Code Enforcement Officers.However, in our situation the City Code Enforcement Officer is really trying to help us out.We wish you the very best!

If you break or upset the tenant stuff  get ready for a court date  and what liability insurance company would defend your actions?        My policy is to give a 30 day notice to clean up and if not complete give an evixction-- the gossip will spread quickly  to CLEAN-UP or expect a notice.

Just non-renew his lease and get it over with. He will run off, and you will take the home as abandoned property, throw everything in the trash, renovate, and get a decent tenant in it. The mobile home park motto needs to be “it’s easier to change people, than to change people”. You can try to work with them for a short while, but if he does not really get aggressive on the clean up fast, it’s just not fair to the other residents to be having to live side-by-side with that type of resident.