WWTP to City Sewer?

Hello all. I’m in the process of acquiring a clean 40-pad park in the Cleveland, Ohio MSA. I have found what could be a good bolt on park less than 10 minutes away. Unfortunately, it has a WWTP but I would have the ability to tie into city sewer. It’s not a big park, only 37 pads and about 70% full.

I think I could buy it as a steep discount but I’m assuming the cost to tie into city sewer could be 200K or more. Does anybody have any experience in converting to sewer from WWTP?

I have zero interest in operating a park with a treatment plant since I’ve seen how difficult an exit can be. The project seems ambitious and probably not worth the headache for me since I’m several states from the park but I’d love to hear any feedback from anyone who’s done it before.

Thanks in advance.

Check with the local city to see if they’ll do a special assessment to connect city utilities- some of them will and that can help a lot. Costs will vary of course.

Also check out companies like Corix- they are utility companies that will buy out your WWTP so you’re off the hook entirely. Goodluck.