Wrong name on leases and rules

The park is called ******* Estates. Original developer filed in Ohio as **** Estates LLC, and used his own house address (not a mobile home in the park) for the address of Plaintiff when he filed any evictions.

He sold park in early 2015, did not retain any shares, nor remain as a partner. Once he got paid, he dissolved his LLC in February 2015. Its been listed as “dead” since. The original owner then sold his separate house (not to buyer of park) and moved away.

Buyer filed for his own company under **** MHP LLC. Ohio Department of Commerce issues operating license to him as this. In the 41 eviction cases he has filed since he bought the park, he listed his new LLC as the plaintiff, and provided our lease as Exhibit A, and asked the court to grant relief based on this lease.

Except the lease has **** Estates LLC all over it, as does the Rules and Regulations he passed out, instead of his own LLC on them. He has evicted many and taken their trailers over the years.

In many of the cases, he lists the plaintiff’s address as the old owner’s house, that was not included in the sale and belongs to another private individual.

New owner had no connection to old owner’s LLC, never served in any officer capacity, never operated the park as **** Estates LLC. Does this major discrepancy invalidate the lease?

It probably doesn’t but you should ask an attorney in Ohio. Tenants are required to pay rent and follow the rules, period. Even if a tenant doesn’t sign the new owners lease, they are still required to follow it’s terms and rules. If they violate the lease/rules, they should be prepared to be evicted.

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The leases were all probably assigned at closing of the sale. This doesn’t require the lease documents to be changed, the buyer just assumes all of the rights and obligations of the original landlord on the lease, and effectively steps into the landlord’s shoes.

If there are 41 eviction cases there is probably a reason for the evictions. As tmperrault says, it doesn’t matter who the landlord is, tenants have to fulfill their obligations. If people are getting evicted, it doesn’t sound like tenants are paying rent and/or following the rules.

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