Writing a new owner / intro letter, need ideas

Ok, so I’m typing up the new owner letter and could use some input. I’m putting the standard rah-rah stuff, best park, face lift, exciting changes, fixing the streets, new rules etc… Which are all true.

One of the changes I’m making is dropping the free cable. Should I put that in the letter just to give them notice?

I’m also letting them know they can buy their home provided they’re a good tenant.

So 2 questions, should I put the part about dropping the cable in the notice? Anything else I’m leaving out?


I would, and use the improvements as justification for dropping the cable. Say you want to make the roads nice and safe for everyone, improve the appearance by addressing X, Y, & Z so residents can truly be proud of the community they live in, etc etc. Unfortunately, these improvements are not cheap and you believe improving the overall quality of the park and making it as nice a place to live as possible is a higher priority than free cable.

That said, someone like Frank surely has more experience with this type of situation, so my suggestion could be totally wrong :smile:

Are you also raising the lot rents?
I would let them know of all the upcoming improvements but would not feel inclined to justify why I would no longer be providing free services. Check to make sure the free service is not part of their lease agreement. If it is check with the state tenant/landlord regulations to make sure you do not need to reduce their rent as compensation. This is unlikely as most states are not that tenant friendly but still worth checking.
When informing them that you are selling the homes you should tell them that all rental homes will be sold and present tenant may apply to purchase. I would not simply inform them that they can buy the home but would let them know they may continue to rent until the home is sold provided they keep it in presentable condition for viewings.

Good points, thanks.

Greg, it is not in their lease. Neither is the water that I’ll be submetering. I plan on telling them they’ll be getting new leases and rules and hopefully they’ll just sign the new leases which will mention sub metering. Many of the leases are expired anyway.

I like the way you worded the “all homes will be sold”. Much better than I had planned.

@Coach62 , as per your statement:
“I plan on telling them they’ll be getting new leases and rules and hopefully they’ll just sign the new leases which will mention sub metering.”

Setting expectations is a must do.

I would place the following in both the Letter & Lease:

  • How Much You Will Charge
  • Length Of Leases
  • What Is Included In The Rent
  • What Is NOT Included In The Rent
  • Contact Info Of The New Owner
  • Mailing Address Of The New Owner

In South Carolina the New Owner of the MHP has 30 days to provide the MHP Tenants with their contact information.

If you select to have the Tenants assume that they will continue to receive free cable and free water (but you do not obviously point out that they will not receive these items for free in the future), the Tenants will have issues with you and they will gladly vocalize their issues to you.

We wish you the very best!