Writ of execution

Filing my first writ of execution on a tenant that currently owns home free and clear. After the sherriff escorts the tenant off the property what can I do? Can I have a locksmith lock them out? Should I arrange for utilities to be disconnected? Where should I move the home to? This is surprisingly new territory for me as I thought this would never happen.

This is very much specific to the state, @nate. Where is it?

That’s true. It’s in Kansas.

I don’t know about Kansas but in Texas you have to act as a bonded warehouse, I assume it’s the same in any place the State lets you keep the home in place. There will be a statute describing your responsibilities but they boil down to keeping the home safe for some period of time. Like 60 days and then recovering your costs of storage, which can include rent.

The tenant has this period of time to bring in enough money to satisfy you and to cover your costs, And find a mover that satisfies your requirements for moving. It is their home after all.

When the period expires there is a process for abandoned property, but the home becomes yours.

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