Thank you Fred!!!

Thank you Corey and Steve as well. Fred you are living the dream. thank you for challenging us to pull the trigger. Every one who missed MHM IV really missed out.

Thanks for your hard work Fred and the blog. Your willingness to help us all out is awsome.

Thanks Fred.



Isn’t it ironic that Jim Clayton, easily the most successful story ever in the mobile home business, spoke so much about choices? My choices in life haven’t always been correct, but the choice I made almost seven years ago to get into the mobile home business has forever changed the lives of my family and others within my circle of influence.

Even beyond the financial freedom this business has provided are the great people I’ve been blessed to meet. People who were willing to trade in the security blanket for the opportunity to become financially free.

Jim Clayton and his team were truly amazed at the quality of people in Orlando. He was poised to meet a group of “crusty old operators”, but instead met a crowd of investors with vitality, energy and a desire to succeed.

I’m excited about having Clayton Bank and Trust on our team now. This will open up opportunities for countless people and help create many more success stories.

I can’t wait to hear about them next year at Mobile Home Millions V.



You are an inspiration to us all! Keep up the great work! Hopefully your story will resonate will anybody on the “fence” and help them go for the “gold” or at least a MHP (lol)!