WOW! Rick Ewens has

his pic up…welcome!

Go camping for a few days and BAM!! something new on MHU.

For folks that go toMHM or MOM you will probably recognize Rick. Really quite a story. He has a way nice Park in NC and he lives inCali. Brought in 20 homes last year from across the country!

Good to see your smiling face Rick.


Yes, we finally talked the infamous Rick Ewens into becoming a full fledged moderator.

Folks, Rick has taken this business by storm. He and his partner, Colin have done extremely well since attending our MH Bootcamp. We will all learn something from his experience and you need to ask questions. Rick loves to talk about the business and has given some great feedback on this forum in the past.

Welcome aboard Rick and thanks for all that you do.


Welcome to moderation!

Nice to meet you at the last mobile home millions and look forward to reading more of your posts here Rick.

Tony Colella

Thank You

I read the Forum everyday as part of my continuing education. I would recommend reading the forum posts to anyone wanting to get in this business.

I am currently getting a lesson on the shortage of 3+2 late 1990s single wides in my area. We had 6 homes available in March and sold them all by the end of May. I have not been able to keep the rehab pipe line full. I need homes being rehabed at all times or my sales cycle gets all messed up. Anyone who owns a turn around park knows what I am saying. I am in the process of redoing my business plan to buy and sell more expensive homes. We have almost made it to the Fred Balke stage of the turn around park business and that is over 50% occupancy. I feel like I should have a party. I will never forget what Corey told me about a turn around park. They are life consuming, but very profitable