WOW, just finshed Dyches Boddiford seminar

WOW, very intense and informative seminar. Every investor needs to take his course or use his services. For 2 years now I have talked to countless lawyers to incorporate my parks and have received different answers across the board. Dyches set me on a very good plan.

Most importantly, many people in the course have learned to do their own incorporation and many many people had corporations setup by lawyers who had no idea what they were doing and setup incorrectly. They actually paid a lawyer who setup the wrong program for them!!

Great course, I highly suggest if you are serious about investing and protecting your assets, take it!!


I would have loved to attend Dyches’s seminar in San Francisco. Unfortunately I am already down in Colombia or I would definitely have attended. I spent about 2 hours with Dyches about a month ago. It is absolutely amazing how knowledgeable he is but more importantly how he can explain everything in layman’s terms. Dyches is a jewel for all of us investors!!!

If anybody missed his seminar, Dyches has many great courses. Several are on the products page of