Would you keep these residents?

I would appreciate some advice on what to do with some of my lesser-quality residents:

Young couple with 1 baby. Late almost every month. I send the 3 day notice and they always manage to make the payment plus I get $75 in late charges every month. Exterior of home is kept in an acceptable manner and they don’t bother other residents. I have financed the home and there is a balance of around $6K with 2.5 years left on the loan. I plan to take an overseas job around the end of the year and there will be a greeter in the Community to handle this stuff. My concern is that if I’m not right on top of these people, they will get seriously behind and then I have another eviction but from a distance. I’m wondering if I should pre-emptively kick them out (I can do this at anytime under OH law given their payment history.) and get someone better in before I go or just let things ride and keep getting that extra $75 each month.

Your thoughts?


Wheat Hill