Worth major remodeling older mobile homes?

I am just having hard time to decide to pick one which of best choices to deal the problem with (POH) 74’ MH. So I need a second opinions.

The one of my (POH) 1974 14x64 single wide have not been lived in since late 1980’s and it have lot of damages that needs to do major remodel… For sure it needs whole new interior panels, ceiling panels, some wood framing, weld the “band aid” the bend frame chassis, insulation materials, plumbing, and many etc. Right now I cannot tow it safely with my toter truck for sure it can collapsing the side walls to roofing.

Not sure if any cheaper to keep and fix than buy new double wide mfg home. Since what my city told me I cannot get new single wide mfg home but they will allow it if double wide or more than two modular wide. But it also required remove other good mobile home(s) within in the parcel, one new mfg house per 0.5 acres.

Here some pictures to look at old MH

So do you think I should do better:

  1. Demolish it the grandfathered old 74’ MH and get new double wide mfg house?
  2. Keep it and fix everything?
  3. Get HUD lawyer to challenge the city illegal discriminating for low income people & certain race people preventing get affordable single wide mfg homes?
  4. Something else your own idea suggestion?

What a great “open concept” floor plan.

Per your #3 I wouldn’t put a cent of funds into this home until you have alignment with the city that they will allow occupancy of the singlewide. Depending on the number of granfathered units there could be a larger knock on effect.

Doublewides do not have the ROI that singlewides have in a park - it’s important you retain that flexibility and preserve your right to non-conforming usage.


I would suggest you peruse a challenge with the city to allow replacement with single wide under grandfather argument.
I would very strongly advise against you using any argument based on discrimination or race. Doing so will force the city to take a very strong defensive position to protect themselves. That is not a battle you want to take on. Best to stick to your legal rights as opposed to playing any BS cards.


Even after remodeling, the home will not be as nice as a new one, and may have undiscovered defects. Also, depending on location and how cold it gets, your heating costs will be much more in a 1974 than a modern well-insulated home. The overall cost to remodel may be less, but the monthly cost to the tenant of the older home (with heating expense) may be more. I would try to replace the home with a single.

I am not knowledgeable about your city situation, but I would definitely do as much research on that as possible and determine what grounds the city has to prevent you from replacing homes. It sounds like you are currently in a position where you need a lawyer.