Working with Mobile Home Park Brokers

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New at this but I’m finding many of the brokers I’m contacting a bit sluggish in responding to voice mail, returning calls, picking up the phone in general and responding to emails.

Is this consistent with all you all’s experience? OR do I just smell like a NOOB so they blow me off?

I’ve heard in the course that you have to do a lot of follow up with brokers, I think I see why that’s true now.

It’s true. You need to stay in front of them. I suggest doing a mail-merge email blast to them at least once a month… and follow up with them with a phone call if they don’t respond to your email. You will want to give them a reason to find you a property - tell them you’ve got $x to spend and you are ready to buy now if the oppty is right. And, as others have said, don’t give them too many specifics/requirements in regard to the park you want; tell them you have $x as a down, want a park with x spaces and are ok with (e.g.) parks with a well but city services are preferred. Put this in the email you send to them as a reminder.

Some of them don’t specialize in MHP’s but there is usually a guy in their office or that they know who does - always ask for other broker info - and offer a small finder’s fee if you close on a deal that they helped you find… they’re incented by $$.

Good brokers are busy. Brokers that specialize in MH communities are especially busy. The busy ones that are good are going to spend more time on repeat clients or potential clients who are known to be active buyers, it is only natural.

The more you communicate with them in an organized manner, the more you meet them in person at industry events, the more likely they are to pay attention to you. The more they trust you and the more serious they believe you to be, the better they will treat you.

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