Wood Skiring?

Hello! One of my repairmen has suggested using wood skirting instead of the usual vinyl. He says it’s about $200 cheaper, looks great, and stands up better to trimmers and other abuse.


Your maintenance man isn’t thinking this one through, he’ll be dealing with termites, painting, and no vents= rotted novadeck flooring. Plus installation will be more labor intensive and when he is done the job won’t look as good as vinyl. I advise treated wood landscape timbers spiked into ground, vinyl skirting on top of timbers. Generous application of non-selective post-emergence herbicide (round-up) around the timbers.


I totally agree with Shawn. The parks I’ve seen that allow wood skirting look like slums in just a few years. Painted wood whacked with a weed eater is no prettier than whacked vinyl. It is even less attractive when it starts to rot. Using treated plywood (more expensive) is not the answer unless you have a way of solidly sealing all the edges of EACH piece.

Instead of saving $200 in the short run, Shawn’s described method (now required in some parks) costs an extra $200 but lasts far, far longer and keeps your park looking tidy, attractive, and maintaining value. That being said, any untrained yahoo with a trimmer can still whack out a vinyl panel two feet up but it is less likely.

Round-up also add a huge preventive maintenance advantage.