Wish I was there!

Hi all. Those of us that could not make it to the MOM event in Florida I’m sure are missing a really great time. I’d love to be there but with my wife being ill I had to pass. I’m waiting and praying that I can make it to the next event in San Diego. Maybe fate will allow me to go then. Those that caught the teleconference heard a great great call. Lonnie is so motivational. It just makes you long to be with other like minded individuals to network with. I ordered his latest book, so that I can learn more about the financial terms and aspects of notes. I admit I havent done my homework when it comes to learning about cap rates, yields, etc. etc. etc. I’m hopeing this book helps me get up to speed. As Lonnie says never quit learning! My 25 spot mobile home park keeps me busy. But would love to get into the note business as well, so I go to the mail box without having to answer the phone as well. (Tenants). Keep the posts coming, and Thanks Corey for such a great Site!