It’s that time of year, how do YOU winterize a mobile home? I don’t like supporting our local gas companies so we use the drip method and keep power on for heat tape or frostex. Would like to here from those of you that drain pipes or use antifreeze. Do you have any problems with this method or any other suggestions?

Dan, I use the drain and antifreeze method. The drip method will not work when temps get under 15 or so, even if the pipes don’t freeze the drains will as the drips run down the pipe they freeze one on top of the other. The only thing that takes some work is making sure the wh is drained and not filled with AF. the best thing to do is install a crossover pipe between the cold and hot lines at the wh and valving the lines and crossover. I use an air compressor to empty the pipes and “water type fire extinguishers” for filling with af.


Dan, here is how to make a tool that makes blowing out the water lines much easier and more thorough. from the plumbing supply buy the following parts and assemble them 1/2"X3/4" MPT, 1/2" X 3" galv nipple, 1/2"X1/2" ball valve, 1/2"x3" nipple, 1/2" FPT X3/8" FPT 90, 3/8" air hose quick connect nipple. Assemble using teflon tape.

Dissconect water supply to water heater under house open T&P valve on w/heater - allow to drain, then close water shut off valve .

Using air compressor, remove one water line from w/heater, thread 3/4" MPT onto supply line, with ball valve in closed position, connect to air hose (compressor Chrged and running). Go to farthest water outlet and open the side of faucet to which you have conected air. Open ball valve.

When water has ceased from spraying out of faucet, close faucet, close ball valve, move to the next faucet repeat until all have no water spraying.

Disconnect from water supply line at w/heater and switch to the second line - repeat process. don’t forget to open showers and washing machine connections.

Flush all water from toilets, stick shop vac in tolet bowl to remove any remaining water, pour in small amount of pink anti freeze, pour in small amount into all drain that have traps.

Have power and gas shut off- keep costs low.


Your post is much more thorough than mine. I agree with all of your instructions. My water heater method is for rentals because I may have to winterize them several times and sometimes in the middle of February. I HATE crawling around under homes when it’s 0 out. For Lonnie Deals your method makes more sense. I blow a little af into the supply lines just in case there is a sag somewhere that water gathers in. We both forgot to mention draining the supply line back to the crock and covering/sealing it with a bucket/insulation.

Rather than a wet vac for draining the toilet, I use a $15 pump on the end of a drill and a 2 short pieces of garden hose. Pump into tub or sink.


tell me about your $15 drill powered pump, and where I can buy one.

Winterizing a mobile home is quite simple… I worked for many lenders and would have to winterize repo homes…

usually two galls of RV antifreeze will do the hole house…

after the the water supply is cut off… and the air compressor method described above is completed…

pour approx. 1/5 to 1/4 of a gal. into each drain (to fill the p-trap) For all the tubs, showers, and sinks and bowls of the toilets. (also pour some into the toilet tank if there is any water in there. There is no need to pump out the water.

For the water heater. I usually hooked a garden hose to the bottom drain faucet of the water heater. Then, with a pipe wrench, disconnect the top water inlet line. (this will remove the suction) and will let all the water drain out of the water heater to the outside of the home. (make sure the hose is run along the floor of the home and out of a door to the outside of the home.

And for the “Blowing antifreeze” into the supply line… give me a break… no wonder why so many people have cancer this day in time… do not do this… there is little if any, water left in the lines if the air compressor process is done correctly.

If you have any questions, please email me.



Just blowing out the lines may be fine for South Carolina. But in NY where it’s gets to -15 degrees it ain’t! If RV antifreeze causes cancer then camper and motorhome owners should be dropping like flies.