Window AC Units installed permanently through Exterior Wall - Good Idea or Bad?

Hello MHU…first topic I have posted. Thanks in advance for any input on this.

I have just purchased three 70s era MH’s and all three have window units installed in windows. All have water damage around the window sill and wall below from condensation leaking. I’ve seen window units permanently installed through exterior walls in other MHs. Is this a good idea or bad? I like the idea since it takes wear and tear off of the window and allows more light into the unit. But don’t know what the downsides would be. Any thoughts?

I put mini-splits in the Park Model I had remodeled and I love them. You might look into that idea.

The “through the wall” window units have their fins further towards the back of the unit so that they are not blocked by the wall studs. They work fine, but it doesn’t really solve any problems in a 1970’s mobile home.

The truth is that the insulation in a home that age is ineffective and the window unit will be running all day regardless whether it’s through the wall or the window, and you will have some form of condensation especially in the southern states.

And if you free up that window, it’s just to end up being blacked out with curtains (to reduce heat from the sunlight) or they will try to put aluminum foil in it.

As an investor I say fix the windows and keep the window units there.

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The key to avoiding water issues with window or through the wall instillation comes down to proper instillation. When done properly there should be little concern. The problem arises when a home owner does the instillation and the resulting job is not done properly…water damage results.

Thanks for that feedback @jhutson.

Thanks Greg. I would for sure be doing the install myself and ensure it’s done correctly. Doesn’t seem to be too hard to do it right.