Wind speed for transport double wide

We hired a guy to move a double wide for us and keeps telling me it’s to windy so I’m wondering at what wind speed does it become unsafe to transport a double wide?

If the driver says it is too windy then it is too windy.

They are liable for any and all damages plus clean-up costs if the home should roll over on the highway.
Yes, they err on the side of caution, but it is their license and insurance on the line. This is exactly why you hire a professional driver.

A MH is not the same as a Semi-trailer load. The roof is usually pitched and the side where they mate is usually very tall.

The wind may be fine at your park, but how is the wind on the windy road 50 miles away from your park?
Also, they probably had to pull a DOT permit to move the home and the Permit may not be letting him drive.