Will you buy a park with sex offenders resident

I found out a third degree sex offender live in a park i was planning to buy. He owned the home, and moved in 2015. He is only 37. I am buying a park so I can quit my job, buy not intend to involved in anything even worse. Thank you in advance for you opinions.

It’s likely that many of us park owners have tenants with backgrounds that aren’t squeaky clean. If I learned that one of my tenants was a sex offender I would find out who his parole officer is and talk to them to make sure the offender is meeting him regularly and following the rules that are in place. I’d also talk to the local police to make sure they know he is living in the community.


Hi there, thank you for the response! one more question, how do I find out who is his patrol officer? Will he/she authorized to release the information to a non-related person? thank you!

I would contact the local police department or any patrolling police officer you see.


Absolutely. I would not let one sex offender spoil a good deal. The solution is simple and has at least 2 outcomes: 1) buy the park and let him live there or 2) buy the park and ask him to leave. Both solutions are simple.

The issue lies in 2 potential areas. First, parents with kids won’t want to live there and second, other sex offenders will know he is there, so they will move in too. The information that you gain by speaking to a officer will not make those 2 issues go away, so there is no point to have that discussion.

Another way to look at it is if an innocent person was wrongfully convicted of a sex offense, he would still be forbidden. That is because just the fact that his name is on a registry invites both of those two issues, no matter how nice, rehabilitated, or innocent the offender is.

Conversely, if a sex offender was not required to be registered (or registration expired), then the 2 triggers would not be relevant, and you may want to consider allowing the tenant.

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Another issue to investigate is the level of sex offender you are dealing with. If it’s a guy who was convicted of issues with a girlfriend when he was 19 and she was 17, it’s not the issue it is if there’s a conviction of a 40 year old for molesting a 5 year old. The latter guy isn’t changing.

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I had a sex offender when i bought my park. They guy came to use within a month, and confessed. Told us when he had just gotten out of the military, met a girl in a bar, and took her home. Turned out she was underage and had a fake id which got her in to the bar. Either way, he was prosecuted and had to register. I did check records. she was 17, he was 22 when it happened. He was a very respectful guy, worked for his own company, and helped a couple times when we had water issues. I did learn though… all future tenants are asked about FELONIES. We don’t accept them. We have a very good statewide database that I check all applicants against.

to echo @KurtKelley 's comment about 17 and 19… see below.

and 2 things - 1st find out what that means in your state:

Updated: July 14, 2020

KRS 510.130 Sexual abuse in the third degree

(1) A person is guilty of sexual abuse in the third degree when he or she subjects another person to sexual contact without the latter’s consent.

(2) In any prosecution under this section, it is a defense that:

(a) The other person’s lack of consent was due solely to incapacity to consent by reason of being less than sixteen (16) years old; and

(b) The other person was at least fourteen (14) years old; and

(c) The actor was less than eighteen (18) years old.

(3) Sexual abuse in the third degree is a Class B misdemeanor.

and not to downplay any law breaking - or sex offender anything, but we had a handyman who was on the Registry - so was his mother…

She - a 50s single lady getting her PhD in Theology - we never even checked her. She took her young kids to an amusement park out of state while in a divorce suit. Clearly ridiculous.

Son - KRS something or another - “Solicitation for oral sex - age of victim 24”.

I thought to myself sounds like a pool party on Saturday night at my buddy’s house.

Now we’ve also had some bad guys - who were taken away over the years — and I would assume most states - like KY have an awesome task force that catches these dudes.
When a ‘13 yr old girl - or boy’ makes a FB profile - and a dozen dudes jump in with lascivious comments and messages - watch out boys - you may be interacting with a KY (fill in your state) State Police Detective.
One of our closest friends is a retired Chief and he would tell us the training he’d go to. Wild stuff goes on out there.

And @AshleyZ2021 you’ll need to understand this business before jumping in - some parks - house people who don’t necessarily live like you do… :slight_smile:

I think what people are missing is that the demeanor of the offender is not directly relevant to your business. The business issue is that a big red dot will appear on the sex offender map on your property if there is an offender there. The question to ask is are you ok with the red dot or not?

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For me, if I liked the property - I would buy it - there will be lots of stuff to deal with, you just deal with that on a case by case basis.