WIFI/Internet ? How many provide wifi or internet to your tenants? Anybody run cables to each site?

Pretty Self explanatory. Do you provide internet to your peeps ??

I currently supply WiFi to the tenants in my park. TBH, I don’t think I would do it again in a strictly MH community and will most likely phase it out.

No, the less you can provide the better. Best to have everything in tenants names and have them pay directly for all services. If you provide water and sewer bill the tenants for the services. There is nothing free in life.
As a park owner you do not want to be a service provider.

One note: I never provided any cable/wifi to my tenants. The two providers ran the cables along the telephone wires. However a few years ago I would get these contracts in the mail saying that cable/wifi would be shut off to my tenants if I didn’t sign an exclusive contract with xyz. I just threw them in the trash. I believe it must have been some sort of seminar or something because they all came in short period of time. I don’t know if there is a reason to ever sign an exclusive contract unless you get paid.

We did it as a value add on some multi-tenant properties for years. It helped for a long time. We could leverage $200/mo internet over 40 units. Saved them from having to buy a $30-$50/mo/unit account.

We used all Meraki equipment, but I’d likely use Ubiquiti these days. Not positive since I really haven’t used their stuff. It just seems good. Meraki is rock solid. Zero maintenance, but not cheap. Higher end equipment got speedy. Cisco owned now.

The issue was speeds got faster and equipment got more expensive. The higher faster radios don’t reach as far and there is a TON of noise these days. Everything has wireless built in it seems. It was also just internet.

We finally abandoned it and got setup with the local cable company on a bulk deal. Added it to rents. It still saves them $20-$30/mo/unit, so I’d see it as a value add still.

We don’t have to do any end-user support. The only issue is that you still have to pay for empty units.

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We have a pay as you go Hot Spot system.

We get a lot of usage on the Free Time. We give out 1 hour free per day. Maybe 10 people use it regularly.

We also offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly packages. We have only sold a few dollars worth of time.

This helped us because we had a lot of residents asking to use our WiFi. Initially I got a separate router and let people have free access. Next thing I knew we had people driving from all over town to sit in our parking lot and watch movies etc. So I bought a pay as you go gateway.
Hot Spot System

If works great.

If you wanted to you could also use the Ubiquiti Radios to expand the wifi range.


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