Why is this park still on Mobile Home Park Store? MN

Just wondering what the opinions are on why this park is still on MHP store.com. 13 cap city water and sewer.

Howard Lake MN

The three things that catch my eye are 1) at 38% occupancy this will be a big hands on project (and massive financial commitment) to get it filled up; 2) 7.7% of housing for rent is vacant per bestplaces.net, which is very high; 3) the population of the town is 1,700 people and down 10% - while this isn’t a problem for me, a lot of folks like towns that are much larger and growing population as they feel the tenant pool is more sustainable.

If I was looking hard I would run a really good test ad to see if #2 is deceptive, and if it is then proceed with caution to determine if the population has any systemic economic issues that could affect long term sustainability.

I am scared of snow and want to be within 6 hours driving of major turnaround parks, which is why I did not consider this one.

There is a discrepancy in the gross income possibly due to POHs that are not mentioned in the add. This may explain the operating expenses. I doubt the numbers will hold up under scrutiny.
Additionally based on the location it may be at max capacity at 38% occupancy.