Who's responsible for waterline repair

I have a park in a smaller town and all homes have their own water meters. The town reads the meters and our tenants pay the town for their water usage. We don’t have to many water break issues but if we did the town use to repair them up to the meter. The park is responsible from the meter into the home. The mayor has now changed his tune and says the park is now responsible for all waterline breakage within the park property. Though the town will repair individual home sites in town up to the customers meter. Both the park residents and site built residents pay the same water rates. What do you think. Who should be responsible for repair

Would the answer to this question not come down to the question of who owns the pipe in the ground?

Typically in my area the water/sewer dept owns the pipe up through the meter-- even though the pipe was installed by the property developer. The water / sewer dept has a right to egress on private property according to what little I know which gives them the right to have the pipe there to start with.

IMO, what the Mayor is implying with his decision is you own the pipe and must maintain it, BUT if that is true, don’t you deserve compensation for them using your property to make money?